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‘B&B’: Scott Clifton’s Intimate Details Of His Wild Life

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In addition to playing a soap opera star in The Bold And The Beautiful, Scott Clifton feels a lot like his real life doesn’t differ that much from the story arcs soap opera fans watch play out on television. The 37-year-old has openly shared intimate details of his personal life that explain why he doesn’t feel like he ever really clocks out as the star of a soap opera.

What has happened in his life that makes the B&B star feel like he’s the star of a soap operate in his personal life? Keep reading for the intimate details he’s shared.

Bold and the Beautiful - Hope Logan - Steffy Forrester - Liam Spencer
Bold and the Beautiful – Hope Logan – Steffy Forrester – Liam Spencer

Scott Clifton’s intimate details of his wild soap opera life

According to The Sun, Scott was one of many soap opera stars featured in the October 17th issue of Soap Operate Digest. Each of the soap stars shared what they referred to as the “soapiest things” to ever happen in their personal lives. Most of the soap stars shared stories of love, death, and personal injury. Scott, however, had a wild story to share involving a disappearance and a con artist. The intimate details of his wild personal story caused his story to shine much brighter than the other stories that were shared.

The Bold And The Beautiful star revealed that one day his grandfather (the father of Ron Snyder) just disappeared. Vanished. He was gone and he never came home. Scott explained that his grandfather was a traveling salesman. And, his father Ron was just nine years old when his father left one day and never returned.

bold and the beautiful liam spencer scott clifton
bold and the beautiful liam spencer scott clifton

The Bold & Beautiful star’s father hired a detective

Later in life, Scott Clifton’s father decided he wanted to know what happened. So, he hired a detective to look into what happened to him and where he disappeared to. The investigation did provide answers. Turns out, the B&B star’s grandfather was known across the country by the name “Jake the Fake.” He was a con artist.

He was a legitimate con artist, and he would marry someone, have kids, start a family, do his con and when the walls started closing in, he would skip town, start a new family and [assume] a new identity.”

Scott concluded his wild personal story by noting it was “pretty soapy.”

Bold and the Beautiful - Liam Spencer

What do you think about this wild story about Scott Clifton’s grandfather? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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