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‘American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Hints At Needing Surgery?

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American Pickers star Danielle Colby hinted that she will need surgery. She shared a health update on Instagram. This comes as the History Channel series continues to fall apart. Fans noticed there haven’t been new episodes for several weeks.

Also, the show’s star Mike Wolfe is making his own moves. He teased his new venture as rumors swirled that this could be the last season of the show. It’s no longer commanding the cable network. Read on to learn more about Daniell’s health update and the reason why she needs surgery.

Danielle Colby [Danielle Colby | Instagram]
[Danielle Colby | Instagram]

Danielle Colby shares a personal update on Instagram

On Thursday, Danielle Colby took to her Instagram to share a photo of herself hooked up to a medical machine. It looks like she has an IV in her arm as the blood works its way through the tubes. The reality star hinted about her “incredibly painful” medical scare. She will have to undergo surgery and bed rest.

The American Pickers star shared a photo of herself wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt with cropped jeans. She wore a face mask, pink sneakers, and socks. Danielle still had a smile on her face as she held a Dunkin cup in her hand. She enjoyed the drink as she received the medical treatment.

Mike Wolfe & Danielle Colby [Danielle Colby | Instagram]
[Danielle Colby | Instagram]
“I have a lot of feelings right now but my most prevalent and overwhelming feeling is gratitude,” Danielle wrote in her Instagram post. “If you want to know more about my health journey you can read my VERY lengthy post on Patreon. There’s too much to even begin trying to explain it all in the limited space allowed here.”

The American Pickers cast member got support from her friends in the comment section. Leslie Zemeckis wrote, “Sending you good vibes❤️” while Courtney Hansen simply commented. “🙏🏼✨” Even some of her fans shared their wishes and prayers in the comment section. One wrote, “Wishing you the best while I sit here watching AP reruns.”

What happened to the American Pickers star?

Danielle took to her Patreon to share a lengthy blog post about what happened. That’s when she revealed that she will need to undergo surgery. The OG American Pickers star expressed her gratitude for her daughter returning back home from Puerto Rico with her partner Oliver. Then, she went into detail about her health diagnosis.

While filming American Pickers for the past four months, Danielle recalled that she couldn’t track her menstrual cycles. She also felt the most “excruciating amount of pain” she ever experienced in her life. Three months ago, Danielle spoke with a gynecologist who revealed that she has uterine fibroids.

Danielle Colby Hooked Up To IV [Danielle Colby | Instagram]
[Danielle Colby | Instagram]
That means she has bumps on her uterus that caused severe pain and unpredictable periods. It’s not something that the American Pickers star can live with. Danielle will have to undergo surgery and get bed rest. Earlier this month, she told fans that she was on bed rest due to “unforeseen health issues.”

She is thankful for her own fans as well as the American Pickers fanbase. Danielle told them to “be patient” and to focus on “your physical and mental health.” She also credited her fiance Jeremy Scheuch with helping her get through it. Hopefully, Danielle will have a quick and easy recovery.

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