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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown’s Son Kisses Unborn Sibling

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Alaskan Bush People is pushing forward to where Raiven Brown learns she is pregnant with her and Bear’s second child. While this hasn’t happened yet on the show this season, it is only about a month away from the current timeline.

Meanwhile, Raiven has kept fans updated on her pregnancy journey with baby bump photos and news about her rainbow baby. In the latest update, it was Bear Brown who posted a cute picture of little River anxiously awaiting the arrival of his new baby brother.

River ready for Bear and Raiven’s rainbow baby


Raiven has made it very clear that she is happy to have another baby boy after announcing its gender a few months back. She loves being a boy mom and is excited that little River, two, will have a baby brother to look after. Bear recently posted a cute photo of River giving his future brother a big kiss.

Raiven and River Brown on Alaskan Bush People

In the picture, Raiven had her shirt pulled up, exposing her baby bump. River leaned forward and gave her belly a big kiss and Bear posted, “I think River is going to make a great big brother!!!” Raiven then responded to that by asking fans not to “judge his outfit combo 😂 it was thrown on around the house by daddy.”

There was no danger in that, as Alaskan Bush People fans were in love with the photo of little River with his mom. “He looks comfy, that’s the main thing if you ask me,” one fan commented. As for the picture of River giving his unborn brother some love, fans were all in. “Congratulations your wolf pack is growing amazing,” one fan wrote. Another said, “river will make a great big brother much love.”

Bear Brown IG

Bear Brown & Raiven settling into their upper mountain on Alaskan Bush People

Raiven and Bear Brown have moved up the mountain this season as each of the Brown siblings tries to find their own way. For Bear, he drove the truck that pulled his and Raiven’s trailer up the mountain. Bear admitted he had never done this before, as Billy usually took care of it. However, he made it up there. That made Raiven happy since all their belongings were in the trailer and one wrong move would have seen it tumble down the mountain.

Once they got up there, Bear needed to find help in putting up a giant tent for them to stay in. It needed a floor added to keep the mice out. Once again, Bear said he had no experience with this. However, with Gabe’s help, they got the tent up.

Finally, Raiven wanted to prove herself in the wild, so she wanted to cook and eat their first meal over the fire up the mountain. That was the first time she cooked a chicken they just killed, and that ended up going better than she ever expected.

Are you following Bear Brown and Raiven’s journey on Alaskan Bush People this season? Let us know your favorite part so far.

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