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Insanity Sends Whoopi Goldberg Into Spiraling Rage On ‘The View’


The View’s moderator Whoopi Goldberg is known for her anger bursts that can be seen on-air every now and then. Once again, the 66-year-old gave a glimpse of her flaming rage on live TV during a heated discussion. What happened on The View that made her furious? Keep reading for the details!

Whoopi Goldberg Is Furious At The Florida Governor

On Wednesday, the hosts started the ABC talk show discussing the political situation in Florida. Whoopi chimed in introducing the topic for the day and said, “Florida Governor Ron DeSantis imposing his crackdown on so-called voter fraud.”

[Source: YouTube]

However, it seemed like Whoopi wasn’t happy with the governor as she got increasingly angry as she beamed her thoughts about the politician. As she continued her furious rant, other hosts quickly jumped in to share their thoughts on the topic. The debate neared its end and Whoopi closed it with her final thoughts seeming just as angry.

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

[Source: YouTube]

“This is double trauma. Somebody serves their time, they get out okay?” she insisted.

The View Whoopi Goldberg Controls Her Anger Burst

As her angry banter continued, she said, “And you come along and you say, ‘Oh, you’ve voted fraudulently, so I’m arresting you.’ Not like, ‘Let’s see what this is about,’ It’s, ‘I’m taking you in.’ Ron DeSantis, shame on you! Shame, shame, shame on you!”

Whoopi Goldberg YouTube The View

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As she took a moment to breathe, a fuming Whoopi informed the audience that it was time for a commercial break. She said, “All right, let me fix my face from the last thing we talked about because I’m enraged by this insanity!”

As Whoopi controlled her anger with a fake smile plastered on her face, she moved to the next topic. As per The Sun, the actress introduced the discussion on recent comments made by Meghan Markle during her time on Deal Or No Deal.

Whoopi Calls Out Sunny Hostin For Making Rude Faces

Although this episode was dedicated to bashing the politician on-air, Whoopi directed her anger at someone else the previous day. She bashed one of her co-hosts on The View’s Tuesday episode. She savagely called out Sunny Hostin on live TV. The moderate thought that the 54-year-old was shading her by making a rude face.

Referring to the upcoming elections, she said, “I think you have to have a little more faith in people and they have made up their minds for a reason.”

As she continued to talk, she called out Sunny who appeared to not be listening to the moderator.

Sunny Hostin The View YouTube

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“Why are you looking at me like that?” asked Whoopi.

The camera panned to Sunny who had a pout on her face and seemed uninterested in the debate.

As the room got quiet, she said, “Oh, who me? Yeah. Sometimes we get brain farts on the show. I just had one. Sorry, everyone.”

Do you think Whoopi’s anger was a bit over the top? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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  1. Seems like the ladies of the View make news of their own on a daily basis & not in a good way. Not only do they attack their guests, but they attack each other. How can you take this show seriously? I mean really?

  2. I don’t watch this stupid show. they all need help. waste of money for the network. only check out when their dumb crap is posted. As for Sarah, I’m disappointed really liked her on THE CHASE. won’t be watching that anymore either.

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