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Yve Arellano’s Best Bikini Pics After Ugly Cheating Scandal

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90 Day Fiance star Yve Arellano has been through a lot during and after her recent season. First off, her fiance, Mohamed Abdelhamed was pushing her for a wedding. She wanted to make it a memorable occasion yet he wanted to secure his Green Card. He even threatened to find another sponsor. Then, after they tied the knot, Yve learned that Mohamed was being unfaithful. Within a very short time, she was then arrested for domestic violence in a case that is still pending. Despite all of this, she still has one thing to be proud of: her hot bikini body with the pics to prove it. Read on to see them.

Yve Arellano Has A Body Of A Goddess

It was this bikini body that caught Mohamed’s eye initially and made him message her. That was when they started their online romance. Eventually, Yve traveled to Egypt to meet her young love. After a certain point, he made the decision to move to New Mexico to be with her and her young son. However, he struggled as he was used to his mother doing absolutely everything for him so he wanted Yve to baby him. Since he could not work, Yve had to continue working her tail off. Plus, her son had special needs so he needed a lot of attention.

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Mohamed also struggled with Yve, how she dressed, and how close she was to her friends. It was not ideal. The fact that they ended up getting married was something fans did not want. When it turned out he was cheating on her, no one was all that surprised. The domestic violence incident was awful though she has vehemently denied it. Yet, one thing Yve has on her side always is her amazingly gorgeous bikini pics which she has shared on Instagram.

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She has scraped her ex from her social media but her son and her adventures are still the main focus. On prominent display is her amazing bikini body. She should be extremely proud of how hard she works to look as good as she does and maybe it will make Mohamed think twice. Fortunately for Yve, that chapter of her life will soon be over.

Bye Mohamed

Even though fans felt Yve Arellano should never have married Mohamed, she still did. Now, the relationship is officially over as she has filed for divorce. According to In Touch Weekly, Yve filed on September 21st. “Unfortunately, this is not a surprise. The couple’s most recent media exposure regarding their 90-Day, K1 visa journey was rife with incompatibility, heartache and controversy,” per Yve’s rep. Hopefully, Yve can finally find real happiness despite all of the heartache. More updates on her case and the divorce as they come out. 

What do you think of Yve Arellano’s bikini body? More so, do you think she will make it beyond all of the Mohamed drama? Let us know in the comments.

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