‘The Bold And The Beautiful’: Hope Logan Is About To Be Crushed

The Bold and the Beautiful is strongly hinting that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) is about to be crushed. The foreshadowing of the show doesn’t seem to be by just one or two people, but three. After all that she’s been through after believing baby Beth was deceased, she may well be into another heartbreaking storyline.

The Bold and the Beautiful plots are becoming more entangled for the characters

A recent prediction on storylines suggested a variety of plots could be in the making. Fans are quite tired of the same old recycled stories. While some of the old angles are currently running their course, the ends may justify the means. A lot is going to unleash when the truth comes out about Thomas’ (Matthew Atkinson) CPS call while disguising himself as Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly-Lang) on a voice-changing app.  It’s just one of a few that will eventually turn several people against each other.

Rumblings of Liam (Clifton Scott) and Brooke getting close are being analyzed. As soap fans know, there are preludes to possible romances. Additionally, there’s massive support being thrown around between Liam and Brooke. They can see that Hope isn’t the most objective when it comes to the actions of Thomas. The Bold and the Beautiful scripts may have a few surprises in store for viewers.

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Will Liam and Brooke actually betray Hope?

Hopefully, it won’t cause a torrid affair, but it’d surely be a game changer. Talk about a new storyline if Liam and Brooke sleep together. Understandably, that’d be enough to throw Hope for a loop. Sure, she’s forgiving and has a huge heart, but are her husband and mother keeping this kind of secret? It might be too much this time for her to forgive – at least for a while.

All signs point to Liam and Brooke getting it on. Liam isn’t too fond of Hope “burning the midnight oil” with Thomas and Brooke is being rescued from Liam with her drinking. Ridge dumped her and she’s in total despair. Wait until she has a repeat of kissing Liam as she did with Deacon the last time she went on a bender.

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Trust is a fleeting thing when it comes to Thomas

With the potential betrayal of Liam and Brooke sleeping together in the near future – one has already happened – Thomas framing Brooke with the CPS call. When The Bold and the Beautiful’s big reveal comes to a head, Hope stands to lose a lot of the people she’s closest to.

One thing is for certain, Hope is set to be crushed in one way or another by either her mother, husband, or Thomas.  She and Thomas have been united in co-parenting Douglas and as co-workers at Forrester Creations. That in itself proves to be a relationship to take a hit.

Do you think Hope will wind up hurt by Brooke, Liam, and Thomas? Let us know your thoughts and watch the soap daily.


Heather Tooley


  1. Please don’t have Brooke and Liam sleep are kiss one another
    Brooke gave done that before
    She’s to old for him and that’s a repeating story Brooke was with Deacon her daughter husband all the bold and beautiful has done nothing but repeating the same thing

  2. don’t let Brooke and Liam sleep together. that’s just too nasty. you’ve already gone down that route, don’t do it twice. we need new spice. also, hope and Thomas do not need to be together. let Hope have some dignity!

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