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Isabel Roloff Admits Jacob Isn’t Big On Showering?

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Did Isabel Roloff just admit to Little People, Big World fans that her husband, Jacob isn’t really into showering regularly? Her latest post seems to suggest that showering isn’t a typical occurrence for him or that he dislikes it. Keep reading for all of the details.

Isabel’s latest post about Jacob might seem harmless, but LPBW fans read into it and think they learned something about Jacob that they didn’t know before. Neither Jacob nor Isabel have brought up this topic in the past.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

So, what did Isabel say exactly?

Isabel Roloff admits Jacob doesn’t shower often?

On her Instagram Stories this week, Isabel shared a couple of new photos of her husband, Jacob. In one photo, he’s standing in the parking lot of an apartment complex and is wearing a pair of overalls, a baseball cap, and a tee shirt.

Isabel Roloff said she asked to take a picture of her husband because he “put more effort in and looks even hotter.” So, he posed for the photo and flashed his wife a smile. While sharing the photo, Isabel pointed out, “He even showered and everything.”

Below, you can see the photo she posted.

Isabel Roloff Instagram

Now, Isabel Roloff didn’t say that Jacob doesn’t usually shower or that he doesn’t like to bathe. But she seemed impressed by him showering and made a point to mention it in her post. So, she may be implying that this doesn’t happen often or that it’s some kind of accomplishment for her husband.

LPBW fans share their interpretations.

This photo was also reposted to Reddit, and LPBW fans shared their thoughts about it. Many of them think the post makes it clear that he doesn’t shower often. One fan wrote, “So is showering just not that normal of a thing for him?”

Someone else added, “LOL did she make a post calling him hot cus he showered!? Is the bar that low? Haha.”

It’s unclear what’s going on with Jacob’s hygiene habits, but Isabel does seem to be praising him for showering prior to taking this photo. She hasn’t followed up to share exactly what she meant when she posted this though.

So, do you think Isabel Roloff’s post implies that Jacob doesn’t shower often? Or do you think there’s another meaning to it? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Acfor more Roloff family news. Plus, don’t miss the Little People, Big World Season 24 premiere on Tuesday, November 1.

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