Cheryl Burke Teases Her Future With ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Cheryl Burke from Instagram

Will this actually be Cheryl Burke’s last season in the ballroom? The 38-year-old dancer generally says she’s done with DWTS after the season ends. But she generally does choose to go back the next year. And yet, competitive dance is generally a younger person’s sport and Cheryl does want to start a family. Could this really be the end?

It seems like Season 31 may actually be the end of Cheryl’s career on DWTS. Keep reading to see what she said.

Cheryl Burke doesn’t want to be a pro any longer, but she may still come back

When Cheryl Burke and her ex Matthew Lawrence split up, she decided to launch her own podcast. On a recent episode of Burke In The Game, she decided to dish about her future with the show.

Cheryl Burke from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

“A lot of people have asked me if this is my last season. The answer to that question is likely yes, this is my last season, as a dancer that is,” Cheryl said during the episode of her podcast. “… To have been a part of a show for 26 seasons, it is hard for me [to leave]… I always come back, because, I guess, it’s really hard to say goodbye to a show and to a family, that I’ve only known here in Los Angeles. I moved her when I was 21. I’m 38 now. My body is also telling me to stop and it has been.”

In previous interviews, she cited her age as a reason to leave. She still loves professional dance — but she’s nearing 40 and knows that her body just isn’t what it used to be.

“I know a lot of people are saying it’s because I want kids, that is not the reason… The reason is because I want to be OK with the uncertainty of what life is about to throw at me,” the dancer went on to say. “Until I close a chapter, how do I expect another one to open?”

Cheryl Burke and Sam Champion from Instagram
Cheryl Burke & Sam Champion/Instagram

Cheryl Burke may not have much interest in being a pro dancer again, but she would love to return in some capacity. In the episode, she added that she would love to come back as a judge just as Derek Hough did.

The dancer is thankful for the relationships she forged along the way

Before finishing the episode, Cheryl added that the people she’s met along her DWTS journey have been so special to her. This year she competed with GMA weatherman Sam Champion. They didn’t last long in the competition, but she was thankful that they connected in the ballroom.

Before their elimination, Cheryl Burke admitted that she felt lucky that she and Sam were making it as far as they did. Sam Champion is in his 60s and was dealing with body pains near the end of their run.

No matter what Cheryl Burke chooses, fans wish her all the best. Hopefully, she will get her wish and be part of the judges’ table next year. Stay tuned for the latest DWTS news and see what happens next.

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