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Old Alicia Silverstone Bikini Snap Catches Fresh Heat, Why?


Alicia Silverstone posted a photo on Instagram a while ago, however, fans are just now starting to react. Keep reading to find out why they are less than impressed by the actress’s photo.

Alicia Silverstone catches some heat

This all started back in August when Alicia Silverstone decided to post a harmless bikini pic on Instagram. The star was vacationing in Greece, so obviously, pictures needed to be posted.

While it certainly wasn’t a photo at the Kardashian level, it still was a bikini pic nonetheless. In the shot, Alicia seems to be partying on a boat with several others.

She is wearing a black bikini that highlights the rest of her body while she lounges in her boat seat. Her wet hair hangs loosely around her shoulders while she points one leg out to the center of the boat. The caption of the photo reads: “This is how we start our mornings in Greece… 😇🛥”

Alicia Silverstone | Youtube
Alicia Silverstone | Youtube

While all this seems great and fun, things recently took a downward turn. An article was published stating that Alicia has great abs when the photo doesn’t necessarily showcase that. Fans instantly took to the comments in anger about how Alicia, does not, in fact, have any abs.

Fans start to comment

Of course, the angry fans let the 45-year-old know exactly how they feel about her appearance in the comments.

    • “She has no “abs” She just looks ike [SIC] the Mom of a 3 year old.”
    • “What abs?”
    • “You are kidding about the ABS aren’t you ? I mean really ?? There isn’t a muscle visible .. Come on people let’s give credit we’re [SIC] it’s really true !”

While the article was misleading about Alicia’s appearance, some fans in the comments did defend the star saying there is no need to fill her comments with such hatred. After all, she isn’t the one that wrote the article. In fact, she was just posting fun photos from a trip two months ago.

“I get it. She doesn’t have washboard abs like the article states,” the commenter starts. “But does that make it right it light up her IG with insults? Why does she deserve that? Some idiot at yahoo did it as click bait and that doesn’t mean she should feel the fallout. Contact yahoo but leave her alone. She’s of average shape and nobody should have to read these kind of comments.”

Alicia hasn’t made any comments yet on the whole situation. Fans will just have to watch her Instagram to see if she addresses the situation at hand.

What do you think of this Alicia Silverstone controversy? Sound off in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite actors!

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