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When Do Live Shows Start This Season On ‘The Voice’?

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The Voice always pre-tapes its first few rounds. While it is in front of a live audience, the Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, and Knockouts are always filmed before the live show starts.

Here is when the actual live shows will start this season on The Voice, and what that means is next for the reality singing competition.

When do the live rounds start on The Voice?

The new season of The Voice kicked off on Monday, September 19. That means the series is moving past its first month of the season. Yet, there are still a few weeks to go before the live rounds start. It is the live rounds that will give fans at home a chance to have a hand in the winners this season.

The Voice battles performance

The Blind Auditions ended last week, on October 10, and all the coach’s teams were filled. This then led to the Battle Rounds, which saw the singers going head to head singing a song together. The Battle Rounds will go all the way until Monday, October 31.

After this, there will be only one night to wait, as the Knockouts start on Tuesday, November 1. This is the round where the singers will go head to head with different songs, and the coaches will choose one. Then they drop the competitors down to the ones the fans at home finally get to chime in on. The Knockouts should last for three episodes. This means the first live show of the season should arrive on Monday, November 14.

What has happened in Season 22 so far?

The Live Shows for The Voice will kick off on Monday, November 14, and at that point, fans at home will get to make their voices heard. The first few rounds are always frustrating for fans, as they see people they might want to cheer for going home without the fans getting to put in their two cents.

The Voice Battles

The Live Shows will then last for a month, with the show continuing to air on Monday and Tuesday every week until the semi-finals arrive on Monday, December 12, and the finale on Tuesday, December 13.

In the Battles round, coaches cut their teams in half. So far, Blake Shelton has kept Austin Montgomery and Bodie. Gwen Stefani kept Rowan Grace, Cara Brindisi, and Justin Aaron. John Legend kept Valarie Harding and Emma Brooke. Camila Cabello kept Morgan Myles, Orlando Mendez, and Reina Ley.

There are also saves and steals. Camila saved Steven McMorran, and she stole Jaeden Luke from Blake. Blake stole Jay Allen from Gwen. Gwen saved Destiny Leigh. This means, Blake still has a save, Gwen still has a steal, John has both left, and Camila has a full team for the Knockouts.

Are you enjoying The Voice so far this season? Who do you want to see make it to the live voting rounds? Let us know in the comments below.

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