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Shocking Anna Duggar Prison Visits Revealed

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An inside source has spilled details on Anna Duggar and how often she visits her husband, Josh behind bars. So, when is she seeing Josh, and what other information has been revealed? Keep reading for all of the details. 

Amid all of the drama surrounding Josh’s arrest, trial, and guilty verdict, Anna has chosen to lay low and even deleted her Instagram profile. So, fans really have no idea what is going on and whether she is visiting Josh. If you didn’t know, Josh Is currently serving a 12-and-a-half-year prison sentence on child pornography crimes. He is at FCI Seagoville in Texas, which is almost six hours away from the Duggar family in Arkansas.

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But a source from within the prison made it clear that Anna Duggar doesn’t seem to be bothered by the distance. She’s continuing to visit her husband, even though there’s a decent amount of distance between them. 

Shocking Anna Duggar Prison Visits Revealed

An inside source revealed to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Anna makes the trip to visit Josh every other weekend. She even had an extra opportunity to see him when she was in Texas for an event, so she visited him two weekends in a row recently.

It’s unclear what Anna does with her seven kids, Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus, Meredith, Mason, Maryella, and Madyson while visiting Josh. It’s possible that she leaves them in Arkansas with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. But somehow, she finds a way to make the nearly six-hour drive to Seagoville.

It sounds like all of the stress is beginning to wear on Anna Duggar. The inside source claimed that Anna is “tired, broken and worn out” when visiting Josh. The source also stated, “His actions appear to have really affected her.”

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, conjugal visits are not allowed within federal prisons, so no babies will be conceived during these frequent prison visits.

In addition to visiting Josh in person, Anna often talks on the phone with him. The source said, “He calls every day.” The Duggar son does not have email privileges due to the nature of his charges. Each month, he has 500 minutes to talk on the phone.

So, does it surprise you that Anna Duggar is still visiting Josh in prison? Did you think the distance would deter her? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more reality TV news.

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  1. The whole Duggar family is disgusting. Anna has daughters & she has no intention of ever protecting them. Anna is totally brainwashed by her sicko husband & her in laws. They’re a cult & control freaks.

  2. We don’t walk in her shoes, so we cannot possibly know how she’s feeling and what we would do in her place. It must be hard raising so many kids. It is not up to us to judge.

  3. I wish they would stop writing about Josh Duggar!! He is in prison!!!!!
    Please think about these innocent children and the impact stories like this have on them. The children are paying for a crime there father has caused and will for the remainder of there lives. so stop!! just stop! let the children have some kind of peace and let Josh do his time!!!!

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