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Fans Of ‘Sister Wives’ Are Heartbroken For Savanah Brown

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Sister Wives fans have long felt that Savanah Brown was put on the back burner. Yet, she has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. When her father, Kody had his strict pandemic protocols, she challenged her brothers. Gabriel and Garrison did not like how their father was behaving. Yet, Savanah pointed out that she was staying home and doing remote learning so if she could be a homebody, so could they. Unfortunately, no matter what she does, it seems she is still getting the short end of the stick. Now fans are feeling worse for her than ever. Why? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives Fans Are Heartbroken For Savanah

In the latest episode, the wives came to see Janelle’s new RV. Meri had not seen it semi-functional as the last time she was around it was when it was parked at her B&B. Kody and Janelle had stayed there on their way home so this was the bug reveal. Christine is the ultimate hype woman she made the best out of it. However, Robyn said she would just put on her happy face for Janelle. When she and her kids arrived, they were less than impressed. They made sarcastic comments and some were directed at Savanah’s sleeping space.

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Fans did not appreciate this and they took to Reddit to vent their frustrations. “Robin and her two kids looking at the RV making comments about how are those dog beds but then someone said “NO” that’s savannah’s bedroom. Like Robyn and her kids doggin them hard core dang! I feel bad for savannah, she’s like the forgotten brown,” the thread started. Another added: As someone who had to live in a trailer, while setting up the main house as a child… It’s not fun. It’s terrible and my heart frigging hurts for Savannah in this situation. These people need to be nice to her, she’s a child and it wasn’t her darn decision!”

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Yet, others noted that the RV was better than some homes out there. At the same time, Robyn’s kids could have at least been polite and made it fun for Savanah. They could have mentioned having a slumber party or at least had manners. This is what really got fans. The lack of proper social skills and manners in that family.

Is This The Best Choice?

Kody said on Sister Wives he has no intentions of showering in the RV or even bringing a suitcase. Plus, he dislikes the dogs being all over his space. However, Janelle bought this so that she could put her money toward building on Coyote Pass. She would love to live there ASAP and does not even care if everyone else leaves. It would allow her a great view. So, for now, this is a fun and money-conservative option. Hopefully, Robyn will look back and see how her kids behaved. Maybe she can try to rectify this poor behavior.

Do you feel sorry for Savanah? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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