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Does Kim Kardashian Look Better With Short Hair?

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Kim Kardashian’s hairstyle has changed a lot over the years. From experimenting with new colors to adding a dramatic touch to her locks, the reality star has tried them all. Fans that have kept up with the Kardashians know that the mother of four flaunts a platinum blonde hair color currently. Hollywood hairstylist Chris Appleton dyed the reality star’s hair blonde for her 2022 Met Gala appearance.

Reddit Fans Feel Kim Kardashian Looks Better In Short Hair

However, fans feel that the 41-year-old looks better with shorter hair. Talking about her changing hairstyles, a fan took to a popular Reddit forum to share their opinion. The OP shared two pictures of Kim with short hair: one in brunette and another in blonde.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The captioned the post, “I always loved the short hair on Kim.”

“Especially the short dark hair,” commented another.

A third agreed and wrote, “Heavy on the dark hair.”

“It is if it’s layered and wavy. The pin-straight lord farquaad looks baaaaaaad,” claimed a fourth.

Kim Kardashian Reddit

[Source: Reddit]

A fifth chimed in on the choice of her hair color and wrote, “Kim with DARK hair, whether it be short or long, is just so much better.”

Kim Kardashian Has Experimented With Red & Pink Hairstyles

Just like her tumultuous life, the SKNN owner is known for her eclectic personal style. Her original hair color is dark brown. However, over the years, she has dyed her hair in various shades of brown, black, and blonde over the years. Not just that, the reality star has even sported bright red locks in 2020 and a playful pink hairstyle in 2018.

Kim Kardashian YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

At times, Kim has admitted to wearing wigs such as the one she wore on Halloween 2019 when dressed up as Elle Woods. However, the SKIMS owner has ditched her wig for the real deal. Fans have also speculated that The Kardashians star uses extensions to add volume to her hair. Although she hasn’t confirmed this, it is obvious given the amount of chemical that goes into her hair which is responsible for thinning of the follicles.

Kim Kardashian Flaunts A New Bouncy Hairdo

Recently, Kim Kardashian went shorter with her locks and opted for the Chelsea cut. The reality star sat with Chris who gave her hair some bounce, texture, and movement. As per Jack Merrick-Thirlway, the creative director at Neville Hair & Beauty, “It’s the ideal haircut for damaged ends because it will banish split ends but maintain some length, body, and movement.”

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[Source: Instagram]

Jack further explained, “The Chelsea cut is classy, elegant, and timeless. It suits everyone who has hair longer than shoulder length. It frames the face and the style is soft and gives lots of movement because the layers start shorter around the face and get longer towards the back, allowing us to maintain weight at the bottom but give bounce and texture throughout.”

Do you resonate with Kim Kardashian’s short hairstyles? Or do you feel she looks better with long hair? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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