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‘BIP’ Fans Angry Over Michael Allio Remaining In Paradise, Favoritism

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Fans have a lot of questions and are somewhat angry about one of the latest Bachelor in Paradise plots. Everyone had hope that hot single dad Michael Allio would find love this summer. However, many were shipping him and Sierra Jackson together. They shared tears, they shared kisses and then bam he was not feeling it. What happened next has everyone talking, including Sierra. Warning there are some spoilers ahead!

Many are not happy with Michael Allio on BIP at the moment

Everyone was digging Michael Allio and Sierra Jackson together. However, now, Michael told Sierra he wasn’t ready and wasn’t feeling it. She left the beach and he stayed. Many think that he was biding his time until Danielle Maltby showed up on the beach.

Michael was also set to go home but then producers sent in Danielle Maltby. One fan mentioned on Twitter they felt Wells Adams was low key playing matchmaker. He replied saying, “Oh it wasn’t low key. They cut it, but I told @MichaelAllio I had someone for him and then walked up the steps of paradise, [email protected]
and told her to go find Michael. #BachelorInParadise @BachParadise”

Michael Allio, Instagram

They went on a date and really hit it off. However, fans are not happy and think he was waiting for her just like Brendan waited for Pieper last summer. Some think Michael strung Sierra along. As a matter of fact, Sierra also seemingly thinks so and commented on Twitter.

She said, “I feel highly disrespected. I’m gonna go meditate. #bachelorinparadise”

She also said, “He said “a little bit of history” 🧐” She also said, “#convenient #BachelorinParadiseABC”


That’s not all fans are angry about. They are also feeling that production is playing favorites. Even Reality Steve commented on the situation pointing out how it was incredibly obvious someone was being brought to the beach specifically for Michael.

Plus, Michael and Danielle have spoken before the show. As if that isn’t enough, Michael and Danielle were on their date when the big switch-up twist happened. When they returned they were not expected to participate. Apparently, production considered her to be one of the new girls coming to the beach. Therefore, they remained together.

Steve also pointed out how convenient it was for him to drop Sierra a day or two before and then have Danielle magically appear on the beach.

He thinks as do many fans that production is playing favorites.

Spoilers are out about what happens between Michael and Danielle post-show. If you want to know click here.

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  1. I agree Michael A should have gone home. He is playing the game and it was obvious on Katie”s season that he is a pos. Now it’s even more obvious. Why does production chose the worst – it’s definitely not based on the fans choices.

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