‘Jeopardy!’ On Break To Air First-Ever Second Chance Tournament

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Starting today, Jeopardy! is on a break to air a spinoff. Earlier this year, the game show announced its first-ever Second Chance Tournament which premiered on Monday, October 17, 2022. This spinoff gives a chance to promising Jeopardy! contestants that couldn’t win the game in the past. Keep reading to find more details here!

Second Chance Tournament Brings 18 Returning Contestants

The tournament brings back 18 players including one that insiders have hinted is a sure winner. Last week, Ken Jennings, who is hosting the main show, revealed that it will be paused for a time frame of two weeks. In its place, Second Chance Tournament will air. These hand-picked contestants are back to try and win the game this time. As per The Sun, each week will have three semifinal games along with a two-day finale game.

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The contestants that win each week during this tournament bracket will score two remaining slots in the upcoming Tournament Of Champions. These contenders were selected by Jeopardy! executives for the tournament as they felt they deserved another chance.

When Will Jeopardy!’s Tournament Of Champions Premiere?

In the Tournament Of Champions slated to premiere on October 31, the winners of the Second Chance Tournament can compete against Jeopardy! super-champs. This includes names like Matt Amodio, Amy Schenider, Ryan Long, and Mattea Roach.

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They can also defeat the legends they lost against in the prestigious playoffs that are supposed to last two weeks, getting them $250K. Sadie Goldberger’s shocking loss to Megan Wachpress caused uproar amid fans given the controversial ruling by the judges. Fans deemed that her answer was completely acceptable and she was the rightful winner of the game.

However, the makers stood by the fact that her response ‘Harriet Tubman’ was correct yet incomplete which called for a straight rejection. It had an ‘n’ missing in the name. However, fans felt that it was unjust and dubbed it the season’s most painful loss.

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Talking about Sadie, executive producer Mike Davies said, “We talked to Sadie, it was a tough ruling, it was a great game and we’re so happy we can invite her back.”

Which Jeopardy! Contestants Are Returning For The Spinoff?

The Second Chance Tournament’s first week will have these contestants returning:

  • James Fraser-Season 37
  • Molly Karol-Season 38
  • Renee Russell-Season 38
  • Aaron Gulyas-Season 38
  • Tracy Pitzel-Season 38
  • Cindy Zhang-Season 38
  • Pam Schoenberg-Season 38
  • Erica Weiner-Season 38
  • Jessica Stephens-Season 38

Week 2 will have the following returning contestants competing against one another:

  • Jack Weller-Season 37
  • Nikkee Porcaro-Season 37
  • Rowan Ward-Season 37
  • Sadie Goldberger-Season 38
  • Do Park-Season 38
  • Alicia O’Hare-Season 38
  • Tom Philipose-Season 38
  • Jeff Smith-Season 38
  • Sarah Snider-Season 38

Rowan Ward Jeopardy! YouTube

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However, as per an insider, Rowan Ward might be the winner this time. He faced Matt Amodio and had a great run. The insider said, “I think it’s very likely. The way that Rowan plays I feel that they can beat anybody. Rowan played Matt Amodio really tough in the final game of Season 37 and led up to the first round. But just in terms of quizzing ability and command of the signaling device, I feel that Rowan could more than hold their own with anyone in the Tournament of Champions field.”

Who are you rooting for on the Second Chance Tournament? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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