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Pat Sajak Not Amused With Player’s Gross Manners

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Pat Sajak was not amused when a contestant revealed their gross manners. One of the players nearly spat on him, but it was purely accidental, not intentional. The player got a little too excited as they spoke close to the game show legend. On Friday’s broadcast of Wheel of Fortune, Ricky from Carlsbad, California couldn’t contain himself when he got ready for the bonus round. Read on to see what happens next.

Pat Sajak visibly annoyed

Pat Sajak asked Ricky to choose one of the three categories for the final round. The choices were “Phrase,” “Thing,” and “Place.” Ricky excitedly said, “Let’s go with… place!” As he said the word, he nearly spat on the host. Pat wasn’t amused with Ricky’s gross manners.

The two were standing close to each other. Ricky looked to his left as he responded to the game show host. He almost spat in Pat’s face as he pronounced the letter “P.” Pat rolled his eyes and clearly didn’t appreciate it. His face said it all as the WoF audience awkwardly laughed.

Ricky & Pat Sajak [YouTube]
Pat Sajak then uttered, “Alright, we’ll be back.” The game show cut to a commercial break. Despite the blunder, Ricky ended up winning a total of $59,570 after winning the $40,000 grand prize during the bonus round.

This isn’t the first awkward and weird moment on the show. Pat Sajak was inappropriate to a contestant who was sad over their loss. Earlier this week, the host got candid about the smell of his sock collection. Some fans can only imagine how that conversation went.

Wheel of Fortune host says “end is near”

The long-running host says the “end is near” when it comes to his career. Last month, Pat Sajak sat down with hostess Vanna White for an exclusive interview with ET. He said that he can see himself stepping down from his hosting gig. Pat feels that his role on the popular game show won’t last for long.

Ricky & Pat Sajak [YouTube]
“In most television shows by this time, you would have said, ‘That’s probably enough,’ but this show will not die,” Pat Sajak told Entertainment Tonight. “It appears that I may go before the show.”

Fans have been waiting for him to leave the show for a long time now. Some of them are fed up with Pat and his rude behavior toward the contestants. Some think he picks and chooses his favorites. Others don’t like the off-key remarks that he makes to Vanna and the players.

What are your thoughts on Pat Sajak rolling his eyes at Ricky? Would you have done the same? Do you think it’s rude to spit on someone, even if it’s by accident? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Things happen. People get excited. Spitting wasn’t intentional so, no, I wouldn’t have been disgusted or rolled my eyes. As for the other issue, I can’t see anyone else hosting, not even Vanna. With his daughter Maggie at the end of every show, it quickly dawned on me that they’re probably grooming her to take over for Vanna, & plan on moving Vanna to the host position. As for people getting annoyed with Pat’s personality & comments, everyone needs to stop complaining about things like this and stop being so over sensitive about everything and get a life

  2. Sajack should have been let go well over 20 years ago. He has always been egotistical and iften quite rude to the contestants. There have been many times when I would not have blamed the contestant for punching him in the nose. I have no problems with Vanna other than the fact she is really unnecessary with the new technology. But Sajack is another matter. His temper has been evident for decades. Time for him to go is now!

    1. Maybe the Pat and Vanna jobs should not be gender specific ! With that said, time to cut Vanna loose – she has the wit and intelligence of a centipede – there are so many brighter people out there.

  3. Pat… retire while you have any semblance of dignity. Your ideals & ego are coming out and have no place in your position.

  4. The fans that have been waiting for Pat to leave the show are a handful of “Karens” and do not represent all WOF fans.

  5. If Pat is so bad why do they continue to watch. My reason for watching every-night is because we have been watching it at dinnertime for years. We are focusing on the normal guy on the street getting a chance at making a little money, not Pat and Vanna. Automate it, really, are you thinking a blond robot perhaps?. Turn the channel, who is being grumpy and egotistical now?

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