Who Is Ilaura Reeves On ‘Gold Rush’ This Season?

This season of Gold Rush is offering lots of changes. For one thing, Parker Schnabel is branching out and looking for gold in some new places. At the same time, Rick Ness is missing in action, as he sits out for now, suffering from seasonal affective disorder.

It is a time of change, and that means that some fans are latching onto new characters who show up on the show. One of these is a woman named Ilaura Reeves, and here is what you need to know.

Ilaura Reeves role on Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel is branching out this season on Gold Rush and he made a big trip to Fairbanks, Alaska. Parker was heading there to talk to “legendary Alaskan land owner” John Reeves about the land, because he knows he needs to find some gold there before the end of the season. John said a “deal is a deal” and if Parker can’t do it, he loses it. That is when fans met John’s daughter Ilaura Reeves, prospecting on the land for about then years now with her husband.

Ilaura Reeves on Gold Rush

Parker tells the couple he needs help and that is when Ilaura tells him that he will need to get creative because there are some good spots there for gold. It was a huge moment because when a woman shows up on Gold Rush that can out-prospect the guys, it is always a fun moment. Ilaura then offers to take Parker up and show him where there is some gold.

Ilaura and her husband Drew guarantee to Parker there is gold there. She then promised to lead him to all the hot spots. It was nice because Ilaura took the lead and she knows what she is talking about. She also might be the one person who can help Parker find gold and save this deal and keep it afloat.

Who is Ilaura Reeves?

Illaura Reeves talking to Parker on Gold Rush

Ilaura Reeves has a website and reveals there that she was “born and raised in the golden heart city of Fairbanks, where their quest for gold started at a very young age. They were raised on the creeks, looking for gold and helping their dad pan through his clean ups.”

The business she runs is called Gold Daughters and she partners with her sister, Jordan. Ilaura said that she has balanced her work-life balance where she can go outside and play every day. The website also shows that she designs jewelry with the gold she finds. This allows her to remain creative and busy in the off-season. Ilaura also said that she works in the tourism, industry, where she shows off Fairbanks to visitors.

Are you enjoying Gold Rush this season? Do you want to see more of Llaura Reeves as the season progresses? Let us know in the comments below.

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