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‘Jeopardy!’ Hints At Reviving Vintage Feature From Alex Trebek Era

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Jeopardy! execs recently hinted at the revival of a vintage game show feature from the late Alex Trebek era. This feature was previously removed from the show as it took time away from the clues. What is this feature? When will it be reintroduced to the show? Keep reading to find out more!

Host Ken Jennings Reminisces Over The Beep Boop Sound

Jeopardy! executive producer Mike Davies recently hinted that the show might bring back the ‘beep-boop’ sounds that were heard when the dollar values came up on the game board. However, Davies wasn’t the first to show interest in bringing back the nostalgic sound effects. During a Q&A session with the studio audience on October 4, host Ken Jennings wished that the sounds were still a part of the show.

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The told the crowd that he missed the sounds that were a part of the show when the late Alex Trebek was the host. However, the feature was later removed due to time restrictions as reported by The Sun. After Ken reminisced over these sounds, a fan responded on Twitter by sharing a simulated clip of the aforementioned sound effects over a recently telecasted episode.

Jeopardy! Fans Wish For Makers To Bring Back The Sound

Ever since, several Jeopardy! fans expressed their eagerness for bringing back the beep-boop sound. One tweeted, “They must bring this back. Please.”

“It’s… it’s so beautiful…” shared another.

A third chimed in, “Ah, but the boops make me so happy. When they were showing the classic episodes after Alex died, it was like a huge endorphin rush when the boops played.”

Michael also shared a text conversation that happened between himself and Sarah Foss, the Inside Jeopardy! podcast host. He captioned the post, “Always learning something new producing Jeopardy!”

In the text message, Sarah wrote to her colleague, “Boop boops. We need to discuss on Inside.”

Michael replied, “Ken made a comment in the audience that the old sound effects we used when the dollar amounts were first displayed on the game board at the start of each round are one of the things he misses about the show.”

“We played a clip on our social channels. And people are responding that they also miss the boop-boop sound effects,” he continued.

Although the sound effects were discontinued because of time limitations, fans noted that reintroducing them would take up mere seconds.

Michael Davies Hints At Introducing More Changes To Jeopardy!

In the past, Michael also hinted at introducing a cash bonus for contestants that run through an entire category without jumping around the board. However, the decision didn’t bode well with fans and even guest host Buzzy Cohen felt it might affect the gameplay.

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Do you think Jeopardy! should bring back its old feature? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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