Great American Family’s ‘My Boss’ Wedding’: All The Details

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Great American Family is closing out its Autumn Harvest programming with My Boss’ Wedding. This movie stars Holly Deveaux (Christmas Movie Magic, Shadowhunters), Drew Seeley (Write Before Christmas, Another Cinderella Story), Brigitte Kingsley (Home for Harvest, Sappy Holiday), Landy Cannon (Good Witch, Love You Like Christmas), Rebecca Lamarche (Fit For A Prince, Deadly Mom Retreat), Alys Crocker (Unperfect Christmas Wish, Boyfriends Of Christmas Past), and Ginny Clarke (Swerve, Learning To Love Again).

Patrick McBrearty (From Friend To Fiancé, Mistletoe Magic) wrote the script, with Andrew Cymek (My Grown-Up Christmas List, Picture Perfect Romance) directing.

Great American Family-
Great American Family-

What Is Great American Family’s My Boss’ Wedding About?

According to IMDb a personal assistant, Nicole Waters (Deveaux) gets the chance to plan her boss’s wedding. She has hopes for a promotion.

However, she is not allowed to do this alone. She is tasked with planning this with Michael (Seeley) the guy she sees busking at the park.

When Can You Watch My Boss’ Wedding?

The premiere of My Boss’ Wedding is on Saturday, October 15, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Great American Family.

Drew Seeley Talks About Great American Family Movie

Recently, Drew Seeley spoke to Digital Journal about his latest Great American Family movie, My Boss’ Wedding.

First, he revealed that they filmed a lot of this Autumn Harvest movie in his hometown, where he lived when he was young. Moreover, they even filmed a scene a block away from his old elementary school. “It was fun to go back home to revisit that.”

He revealed how close his character Michael is to his own personality. In addition, he enjoyed that he portrayed a glass-half-full guy.

I liked that my character is an optimistic guy, he is a good foil to Holly’s character.

I think his enthusiasm was fun to find and to bring to the set each day. There is a lot of my real personality in that character.

They enjoyed filming this romance. Drew also shared that he and Holly had “good chemistry” and Holly had “great energy.” Subsequently, he believes that fans will discover that this is “feel-good TV.”

Fans will also have to pay attention to his character’s songs. Drew wrote two songs for My Boss’ Wedding.

Great American Christmas Starting Soon

Starting on Friday, October 21, Great American Family is kicking off Great American Christmas. The network will premiere 18 new movies.

They will kick off with Destined At Christmas. This stars Shae Robins and Casey Elliott. In this movie, Kim and Theo meet during Black Friday shopping. They instantly connect but are soon separated in the crowd.

However, they don’t share contact information. Will they ever find each other again?

You will have to catch that premiere on Saturday, October 22, at 8 p.m., Eastern to find out if this is destiny.

Don’t miss the Great American Family premiere of My Boss’ Wedding on Saturday, October 15, at 8 p.m., Eastern.

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