Ginuwine Fighting For Life After Criss Angel Rehearsal Mishap


R&B singer Ginuwine faced a terrifying moment earlier this week. He passed out and almost did not make it while rehearsing with illusionist Criss Angel. Unfortunately, the illusion they were preparing for went awry and left Ginuwine fighting for his life. Read on for more details.

Ginuwine Fights For Life During Rehearsal Gone Wrong

According to Fox News, the singer, known for his song “Pony,” was rehearsing with Criss Angel. Apparently, Ginuwine was dunked in a glass box that was covered in chains. He proceeded to go underwater but was brought out after ten seconds of submersion. It appears that the 51-year-old was then gasping for air after being taken out of the water. Fortunately, he was okay after all was said and done. His representative released a statement on his current status.


“Ginuwine is okay, and he made a full recovery. He was conquering a fear. Fortunately, everything is okay as he was working with Criss Angel, who’s the best in the business.” So, why was the singer there in the first place? He was rehearsing for Criss Angel’s Magic with the Stars show. There, he was attempting to overcome his fear of being underwater. Prior to going in the box, he could not hold his breath for more than fifteen seconds.

Criss Angel/YouTube
Criss Angel

A source confirmed that Ginuwine did end up going on with the show and conquered his fear. He was successful with the stunt and left all in attendance in tears. In the end, he seemed to laugh it off with a funny Instagram post about not being dead. His celeb friends also chimed in and shared they were grateful that he survived.

The History Of Criss Angel

Criss has been a successful magician and illusionist who had his own show, Mindfreak on A&E. He has had residencies in las Vegas and even dated the late Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend, Holly Madison. Now, he has this Vegas show not only features Ginuwine. Other stars will join in. They include Donny Osmond, skater Tara Lipinski, and Frankie Muniz. As for Ginuwine, his song “Pony” hit a resurgence when Channing Tatum danced to it in the hit film Magic Mike.

Now, he is making a personal comeback for not only facing his fears but almost dying while doing so. Then, he went back and nailed it for Criss Angel’s personal Vegas show. That is truly admirable and iconic. It will be interesting to see what he will do next and what the other stars will conquer.

What do you think of Ginuwine’s success story? Let us know in the comments below.

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