‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Shade ‘Boring’ Lawson & Tiffany Bates?

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Bringing Up Bates fans are claiming that Lawson and Tiffany Bates are “boring” and are shading the couple. Why do fans have a problem with these two? Keep reading to find out what prompted these comments and see what fans are saying.

If you follow Tiffany and Lawson on social media, you may know that they recently released their wedding video on YouTube. They teased this big release for a while before actually sharing the video, and they did receive some criticism from fans for taking so long to share it. The couple got married in May and only dropped the full wedding video two weeks ago.

On Reddit, fans discussed this and some felt that it was far too late for the wedding video to be released. Of course, other Bringing Up Bates fans were just excited to be able to watch it.

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Now, it looks like Bringing Up Bates fans are throwing shade at Tiffany and Lawson over this.

Bringing Up Bates Fans Shade ‘Boring’ Lawson & Tiffany Bates?

As TV Shows Ace reported, on Friday, Trace and Lydia Bates released their wedding video. This Bates couple got married on October 1 and the video was up on their YouTube channel on October 14.

On Instagram, Trace and Lydia promoted their new YouTube video and fans talked about the beautiful wedding photos and videos. In the comments section of Trace and Lydia’s posts, a couple of fans shaded Lawson and Tiffany. Note that the fans didn’t specifically name Lawson and Tiffany. But from what they said, it seems to be about their wedding video being released late.

One fan commented and said, “So glad you two aren’t waiting months to release.”

Another Bringing Up Bates fan chimed in and said, “Or keep showing the wedding on their YT channel like 5 months after. So bloody boring.”

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So, it looks like some Bringing Up Bates fans find Lawson and Tiffany’s content boring. Others seem to find it odd that they waited so long to drop their wedding video. Regardless, other fans seemed to enjoy both Trace and Lydia’s and Lawson and Tiffany’s wedding videos.

So, do you think it’s odd that Lawson and Tiffany Bates waited so long to post their wedding content? Do you agree with Bringing Up Bates fans that they are “boring?” Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bates family news. Below, you can watch the latest video from Lawson and Tiffany’s wedding day.

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