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How Did Otto Kilcher Get Injured In ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’?

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Discovery finally brought back the Kilcher family and Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 11 last Sunday. However, Otto Kilcher got hurt. What happened?

Moreover, how will the other Kilchers care for the homestead with this patriarch injured? Here is the latest news.

Alaska: The Last Frontier: How Did Otto Kilcher Get Injured?

Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 11 premiered last Sunday on Discovery. In this premiere episode, there is a frightening snowstorm. Moreover, Otto Kilcher is seriously injured in the storm.

It looks like oxen is to blame for this serious injury. When he shared the preview video on Instagram, he confirmed that this is what happened. “It was a great day at the head of the bay, it just ended poorly. High tides, snow storms – no problem. Bovine trampled, emergency responders – not so cool.”

He made it clear, no snowstorm was slowing him down. It was Oxen. Worst of all, doctors are not sure whether Otto will recover. The last we see of Otto is him saying, “Say hi to my friends if I don’t come back.” That is very ominous.

Now, everyone else on the homestead will have to step up to cover all of the work Otto does daily.

Lastly, an upcoming episode will show Charlotte finally leaving Otto’s side to go outside of the homestead.

Otto and Charlotte on Alaska The Last Frontier-
Otto and Charlotte on Alaska The Last Frontier-

Charlotte Kilcher Reveals Premiere Episode ‘Difficult’ To Watch

On her Instagram account, Charlotte Kilcher shared a photo with her husband Otto, sharing how difficult it is to relive her husband’s injury. She described this period as “devastating.”

#AlaskaTheLastFrontier Sunday @discovery is finally here! We hope you will join us for the premiere of our new season tonight at 9:00 Eastern. This episode will be difficult for us to watch and re-live the actual blood and tears of a devastating time for us on the homestead when Otto’s life was hanging in the balance.

Right now we are also thinking of all the folks in Florida and Puerto Rico who have just lost their homes, loved ones, animals and communities to the hurricane. Wishing you all strength and love as you face this tremendous loss and struggle through the recovery. 💕🌴

However, Charlotte also was thinking of others who were in the path of the recent hurricane who are going through a difficult time and tremendous loss.

Atz Lee, Jane Alaska The Last Frontier-
Atz Lee, Jane Alaska The Last Frontier-

What To Expect In Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 11

Alaska: The Last Frontier fans have a lot to look forward to in Season 11. That includes the return of singer and actress, Jewel Kilcher. She will join her father to help out some of the local veterans. They will also help a neighboring homesteader by bringing water to them.

Lastly, will Eivan decide to become a bush pilot? You will need to watch to find out what is next. That includes Atz Lee and Jane.

Don’t miss new episodes of Alaska: The Last Frontier Season 11 every Sunday, at 9 p.m., Eastern, on Discovery. You can stream each episodes on Discovery+.

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