Tori Roloff Disrespects Matt With Latest Public Display

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Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff appears to be disrespecting her father-in-law, Matt with her latest display. Recently, she confirmed that she’s still holding a grudge against him. And now, she’s continuing to distance herself. Keep reading for all of the details.

Tori Roloff holds a grudge.

This week, TLC revealed the premiere date for Little People, Big World Season 24 and dropped the first trailer. The new season premieres on November 1. In the preview, it’s clear that Tori is continuing to hold a grudge against Zach’s father, Matt.

Zach described the farm as a “hostile environment,” while Tori Roloff said, “The farm is not a place of joy for me anymore.” 

Also, Matt pointed out that Zach and Tori have “isolated themselves” from him and Caryn. So, it certainly sounds like things are still rocky between everyone.

YouTube, Tori Roloff, Matt Roloff

What did she do to disrespect Matt?

Now, Tori seems to be throwing more shade at her father-in-law with her latest act.

On her Instagram Stories on Thursday, Tori Roloff revealed that she met up with a friend and took her three kids to a pumpkin patch. Though this may seem harmless, it’s worth pointing out that she didn’t visit Roloff Farms. Typically, Zach and Tori take their kids to their family’s farm and enjoy the Pumpkin Season festivities.

This time, though, Tori shared that she went to Bauman’s Farm and Garden for the Bauman’s Harvest Fest. Below, you can see a few photos of two-year-old Lilah and five-year-old Jackson with their friends. In another snap, Tori posed with all three of her kids and said it was “such a fun afternoon!!”

Tori Roloff Instagram

As you can see in the photos, the name of the farm was included a couple of times, so it’s possible that Tori was trying to make it very clear that she didn’t visit Roloff Farms this year.

Also on her Instagram Stories, Tori Roloff gave a special shoutout to a shop called Noralee, which is where Lilah’s adorable dress is from.

Tori Roloff Instagram

There is a chance that Tori Roloff wasn’t actually trying to disrespect Matt, of course. She and Zach recently moved their family to Washington, so they could have chosen to visit a closer farm this year. But they still aren’t too far from Roloff Farms, so they could have made the drive.

So, do you think that Tori Roloff was throwing shade at her father-in-law, Matt with these recent posts? Does it surprise you that she took her kids to a different farm this year? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news.

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  1. and not right for her new the kids need to see their grandfather before he decided to go he being rude he needs a back away and the grandkids the grandpa then go to the pumpkin patch good form if you don’t like her and don’t give her a ride me mean to him cuz Sunday he’s going to say well you’re not very good mother when you need me that’s more better.

    1. I don’t believe Tory was disrespecting Matt. Like Matt is entitled to sell part of the Roloff farm after saying it’s a family farm .And saying as years past how he wanted his children to take over the farm one day and did not give them the opportunity .Tory can do to any pumpkin farm with her children that she wants to go.

      1. Well Tori is a sweet and wise young lady , the way Matt talked down to his son’s about selling parts of the farm to them and the price being WAY OUT OF THERE REACH was really tacky and mean . These are his children who he always said he would love to have stay as a family home and raising there kids on , but then his girlfriend had to stick her nose in the family’s business which she seems to a lot and ruined 😡 it for his kids . He even ripped Amy off for her part in it , which she thought would help for her kids , my goodness this was a family own farm not just a Matt farm ! Tori has every right to be upset the way her husband has been treated , it’s like a slap in the face to all of them . Matt keep your girlfriend out of family affairs, look what it has cost u , loosing your whole family pretty much . How’s that WORKING FOR U !

      2. what in God’s name is wrong with this the hateful resent that is teaching those precious childern childern are very smart and pick this up. what’s wrong with everyone getting along like a family should Amy got the divorce and she sold out to Matt so why didn’t she give to one of the kids why is she always blaming Matt for everything and talk bad about Matt around the childern it just isn’t right it is a two way street and best is to all get along.Way get every one involved dose Matt run to his childern and back talk about Amy NO!! But Amy that’s all she does is back slam and she does it to her childern the childern father this is not right.

    2. I disagree. The way Matt treated them. Tori did the right thing. Matt and Caryn are the back stabbers. I don’t blame Tori. She has every right to go to another farm. She may have wanted to see what other closer farms have to offer. Blame Matt he caused all this ruckus!

    3. no one really knows what goes on behind close doors! we as viewers only see what the network wants us to see. None of us really know what their lives are really like so who are any of us to judge any of them?! I personally have only watched the show a handful of times but even if I watched every episode or was best friends with one of them like I stated before no one knows what goes on behind closed doors!

  2. Why don’t they just get off of the show and live their lives in peace and quiet. The only reason they stay with the show is for the money. If you don’t want any family drama just quit the show and get a job.

      1. Me too, I feel the same way about Tori. Just never cared for her. Also, the show is not fun or pleasant to watch anymore. Too much drama amongst the family.

      2. She is loyal to her husband. Matt could very easily structured the deal so all concerned would be protected. It’s done every day. Any competent attorney could set it up. Matt was getting his advice from Caryn, also a snake.

    1. Money is the ONLY reason ANY of them are on the show! They were given an opportunity and most of the family jumped on it just like most people would…probably you and me included.

  3. I agree with Sandy… how else would they make a living. Zack’s never worked a real job..She gave up teaching to have a bunch of kids for reality TV… Matt move on from these in mature people. You have other grandkids. No body really cares.. I have watched these shows for years but no more since it seems to be revolved around these two! Get a real life

      1. Not only is Matt immature , he is a Bully , Liar, a Cheater….. Caryn is nothing but a trouble maker who is hungry for MONEY.
        If you don’t agree, why is it the three oldest children are definitely removing themselves from the presence of Matt..
        Matt over the years has said mean and nasty things about Jacob , and now he is sucking up to to him

  4. Entitled little princess needs to grow the f**k up. Someday she will need someone to forgive her (maybe a daughter-in-law) and I hope they treat her the same. What goes around comes around.

  5. I am sorry she has been hateful and disrespectful ever since Matt turned down there offer to buy the farm. but they still want the the money from being on the show he started. Karma is a bitch it will come back to you. I use to like her the key word is use to

  6. I used to like watching this show, but I am over the bickering. It’s not worthy of a T V show. I won’t be watching anymore.

  7. I think Matt feels that if he gives the farm or sell the firm to the boys their mom will have a part of it he doesn’t want to share the fun with their mother I think that’s the problem, she shouldn’t have so the portion of her farm matt she should have sold it to her boys.

  8. Matt could have ‘gifted’ that part of the farm to them by making it affordable for them. Matt started all of this by being greedy instead of keeping the farm in the family!!
    Tori can go wherever she pleases with her children. Just because she decided to take her kids to a different pumpkin patch doesn’t mean that at some time they might go to the farm. But she has No obligation to do so. Matt made it clear that money is more important to him than family.

  9. l agree let them live there lives, l,m sure everyone does the same things the only thing is they are on TV get off there backs.

  10. I don’t think it’s shady in any way. I mean sure she could of made the drive to the family farm however she went with another family. Maybe that family couldn’t make that drive. Maybe that family always goes to that farm. If Tori was invited by the family it would of been rude to say ‘Oh I only go to my farm!” Then people would of said something about that. Also having small kids is not easy to travel. So family farm or not I would go closer to home.

  11. It is plain to see that this family no longer are Christians. No longer follow 10 commandments. Honour your father and mother. No respect for father anymore. No part of the Lord’s Prayer. Forgive our trespasses and those who trespass against us. Definitely don’t have forgiveness in their hearts. Tori needs to re-read her bible!!!

    1. And Matt stopped the instant he cheated on his wife with Caryn. Get off your high horse and acting judgemental towards a select few

  12. Tori and Zack should just leave the show and get jobs. I believe Karen keeps things piped up because she’s still angry over her decision about the farm that’s between her and Matt no one says we have to leave our children are inheritance I know it makes a good TV show but reality is we should should shouldn’t be expected to leave our children are hard-earned money they should earn own their own.

  13. I think if both Matt and Amy were both thinking of the legacy, then Amy shouldn’t have sold her part too. Then she would have had a say in what should happen to the farm. She is not innocent in all this. I think what Matt did is right.

  14. You know what I think? Who cares?
    I am more concerned that this couple (one of whom went through hell as a child) KNOWINGLY, WILLINGLY and PROUDLY bring more children into the world, with the knowledge that they will be unhealthy, stunted, and handicapped.
    Every good parent wishes for a baby that is happy, healthy and “normal”, but these two (especially the husband) HOPED for their children to be “little people”. Pure selfishness.
    Nobody in their right mind wishes any hardship upon their child, anybody wishing abnormalities upon their child needs to not have children.

  15. If Karen would have just stayed out of it – they would have come to a mutual agreement on the farm – Amy should have actually sold to the boys at the price she sold to Natt – then no problem – but hindsight’s 20/20!

  16. Tori is influencing Zach to disrespect his father. Zach needs to make his children and himself available to Matt because once he’s gone you will regret it. Tori is a good mother but a terrible wife and daughter-in-law. wake up Tori.

  17. I have watched this show since beginning! The boys never wanted to help, their rooms were always filthy, playing around on the farm, they would tear up stuff. if you look back at the first shows Matt had to pay to get alot of things done, he even paid the kids when he could get them to do something! I agree with everything Matt is doing with his investment!! Amy gripped and disageed with so much of what Matt wanted to do to improve the farm! The only thing I don’t agree with is his affair, should have divorced Amy long before!

  18. I would not have any respect for Matt either.

    I cannot stand the guy.

    They don’t owe him anything.

    And, I would keep my children away from him & his live-in viper.

    He cheated with that biotch, & blew their family apart.

    I would not go to their farm, nor allow his hoochie-mama access to my children, either.

    She is no one–not a grandmother, nothing, & no one…. just Matt’s side-piece who blew apart Zach’s family.

    Zach & his wife, & children owe EXACTLY NOTHING to Matt’s rude, nasty little piece of a$$.

    Nor, to the “man” who blew up their family, & took away their inheritance, after promising the kids the farm, for their whole lives.

  19. Tori went way out of her way from where they live in WA to attend Bauman’s Harvest Festival/Pumpkin
    Patch as it’s just north of Salem, near where I live. She was definitely making a point; good for her!

  20. Just my opinion: there’s nothing wrong with Tori & Zach taking their kids wherever they want. As far as the ‘farm situation’ goes, it was totally wrong for Caren to be at the meeting with Matt and his kids in the first place. Caren is not his wife…she shouldn’t have had any part in any of the decisions where the property is concerned. It could’ve/should’ve been handled differently; maybe the outcome (hurt feelings,etc) would’ve been different. There is B.S. of some kind in all families. Too bad things turned out the way it did. Personally, I’ve always loved and watched the show. I plan to continue to do so, because I love this family. I hope some of the drama quiets down, for the little children’s sake.

  21. Matt did it to himself. He’s money hungry. I hope Tori and Zach gets their own show. This show is done. Without Zach and the children, there is no show.

  22. Both tori and caryn are at fault. Yes..the stand with their men, but they influence decisions as well. The women are the driving forces behind the wedge between Matt and Zach.
    And now I hear the big house will be an AirBNB .. interesting

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