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‘Supernanny’ Jo Frost Offends Autism Families With Callous Words

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Supernanny Jo Frost is under heavy fire after posting something on Instagram that many parents of special needs children are deeming to be highly offensive and a misinterpretation of the truth. What did the TV personality post that was deemed to be so offensive? What are special needs parents saying about it? Keep reading for the details.

Supernanny Jo Frost says parents rush to label their children

About 24 hours ago, Supernanny Jo Frost posted a photo with the following caption on top of it: “Today in the 21st century people want to banish the word ‘naughty,’’ she wrote. ‘They say it is a negative word to describe a child’s behaviour. Yet we desperately want to label our children ADD, ADHD, ODD and every other ABCD.'”

Jo had a few individuals who thought the post was on-point. And, she had one who defended her saying those who cast criticism didn’t understand the message behind the post at all. Most of her followers, however, were disgusted. And, they quickly poured into the comments to school her on how parents of special needs/neurodiverse children actually feel.

Parents insist she’s wrong about why they are desperate

A blog written by a special needs parent on Grazia Daily notes that Supernanny Jo Frost is wrong in her statement about WHY these parents want a label for their children. The blog goes on to point out that Jo’s post suggests parents look for labels such as ADD or ADHD to justify their children’s naughty behavior. This assumption, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. The blog (as well as comments on her post) goes on to argue that parents are desperate for neurodiverse labels so they can get help for their children.

Jo Frost - Instagram
Jo Frost – Instagram

For example, if a child is autistic the child cannot get therapy or go to specialized schools without an official diagnosis labeling the child as being on the spectrum.

Here’s what some other frustrated parents had to say about the highly offensive post:

  • “looks like your ‘knowledge’ is at least 19 years out of date! Anyone working professionally with children knows this is an outrageous comment.”
  • “An insensitive post really. All the ‘ABCD’s’ are not labels. They’re diagnoses.”
  • “This post is harmful and offensive to parents of children with disabilities.”
  • “While I agree in part, ADHD isn’t just ‘being naughty’, that’s quite a narrow minded and sweeping statement. The neurological condition has a whole host of other characteristics and behaviours.”
  • “I don’t understand this. Actually it’s a dangerous post, Jo. Not sleighing I’d expect from you – someone who I respect a lot.”

Accumulating nearly 1,500 comments, many of her followers admit they just didn’t understand why she felt compelled to share something so offensive.

What are your thoughts on Jo Frost’s Instagram post? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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  1. “For example, if a child is autistic the child cannot get therapy or go to specialized schools without an official diagnosis labeling the child as being on the spectrum.“

    This isn’t true. My son aged 3 hasn’t received a NHS diagnosis yet and has been on a long waiting list since 2020 but he has been looked after by the mainstream nursery SENCO who receive funding from the LA and NHS speech therapy have been involved even longer. I have already secured him an EHCP and a place at a SEN nursery through our LA. You do however require the EHCP (not the diagnosis) to be eligible for a SEN school place, in my area anyway.

    1. Hate to break it to you but in most places it IS true. My son is also on the spectrum and there was zero help available to him before an official diagnosis. He goes to a special school now and it requires an official diagnosis.

  2. I am the parent of an adopted son who has multiple disabilities. I found the comments made by Nanny Jo extremely offensive. No parent is excited to have their child classified with a disability or disabilities, but once a diagnosis is made, it becomes much easier as a.parent to find and get the kind of help and assistance needed to work with the child to help them be successful and lead productive lives. These types of comments make it that much harder for individuals who experience these types of disabilities to.gain acceptance and understanding from others.

    1. Exactly – first thing anyone asks on paperwork is for the diagnosis. And, to get real help, you have to have proof/an official diagnosis on paper.

  3. I have to tell you but Jo Frost has helped me with my grandson who is boarder line autistic. She has helped me control him better with patience and not raising voice. I think what she has done is fantastic. She does not sugar coat her advice to people. I hope she has a wonderful marriage and have her own children to rear. She is a marvelous person. Those who criticize don’t really listen to her. I will continue to watch your shows for advice on child rearing to use on my grandkids. 👍🏻

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