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Rodney Mathews Reveals Thoughts On Teddi Wright’s Abrupt Exit

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Rodney Mathews has been the apple of Bachelor Nation’s eye since he showed up on The Bachelorette dressed as one. He made an impression on the lead teacher, Michelle Young. After things didn’t work out for him and Michelle, fans hoped he’d go on BIP. He showed up on the beach excited and ready to find a connection. Rodney thought he’d found that with Teddi Wright when he chose her to go on a date with him.

After Teddi spoke to Rodney, she ended things with Andrew Spencer and left the beach. When Rodney went to find her, the other contestants told him Teddi had left. He didn’t want anyone to feel like they were his second choice, so he gave up the date just to hang out. He ended up connecting with another lady in Mexico, and he stopped by the Talking it out with Bachelor Nation podcast to talk about all of it.

How Did Rodney Mathews Feel About Paradise?

Bryan Abasolo and Mike Johnson, according to Bachelor Nation, asked Rodney his thoughts when he decided to go on BIP. Rodney said he didn’t want to go and get stuck in a love triangle, because he’s all about focusing on one woman. He didn’t think the setting would be right for him. Mathews said he was last to sign on because it took a lot of convincing.

Rodney Mathews, YouTube
Rodney Mathews, YouTube

Now that he’s done it he said, “I’m so grateful for the experience as a whole and I’m glad that I went.” They asked how he felt about Teddi leaving. He said it shocked him and his true reaction aired on the show. Rodney just wanted to make sure she and Andrew were okay after it happened.

He Formed Another Connection

Mathews said he only thought for a minute to chase after her. In the end, he thought she was making the best decision for herself and didn’t want to stress her out. He did want to stay around to see if he could still find love.

Rodney Mathews and Lace Morris, YouTube

In a move that surprised a lot of people, he made a connection with Lace Morris. Wells Adams said there’s always one couple on the beach that gives everyone pause. He said it doesn’t make sense to everyone else. Adams said this season that the couple was Rodney and Lace. Justin Glaze seemed the most surprised giving one of his classic facial expressions when he saw the two of them making out by the ocean.

What do you think about Rodney’s reaction to Teddi leaving? What do you think about his connection with Lace? Comment with your thoughts down below. Tune in next week when the women leave and the men meet some new prospects on Monday and Tuesday nights.

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