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Real Reason Lindsie Chrisley Held On To Her Toxic Marriage

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Lindsie Chrisley’s marriage officially came to an end in July 2021. It wasn’t, however, until a few months later that the divorce was finalized. As fans recall, Lindsie talked of getting a divorce when she felt the show back in 2017. She, however, ended up working things out with her husband and they continued to move forward. Looking back on the situation now, Lindsie realizes she was in a toxic marriage. And, she knows she should have been strong enough to walk away back in 2017 when the idea to do so first popped into her head.

Lindsie Chrisley Youtube
Lindsie Chrisley Youtube

The real reason Lindsie Chrisley stayed in a toxic marriage

Truthfully, Julie and Todd Chrisley admitted on Coffee Convos they had no idea Lindsie was in a toxic marriage. Julie explained that no parent ever wants their child to get a divorce. They, however, don’t want their children to stay in an unhappy relationship either. Sadly, because Lindsie was estranged from the family, Todd and Julie had no idea how bad things were. On social media, Lindsie shared photos of a happy family. She paid tributes to her husband on special holidays. Things seemed fine, but they weren’t.

Both Todd and Lindsie Chrisley realize that losing her biological mother at such a young age really caused her to cling to her husband. Todd recognizes that Lindsie just wanted a traditional family for Jackson. She didn’t want Jackson to go through the same pain she went through as a child. Todd believes Lindsie held onto her husband even when it wasn’t working just because she thought that was best for Jackson.

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Therapy has helped her so much

Lindsie Chrisley has been very open about going to therapy on social media and on her podcast. Thanks to her therapy, Lindsie has been able to recognize that her marriage with Jackson’s father was not good for her. And, being in an unhealthy relationship wasn’t good for her son either. Likewise,

Lindsie once thought having more children was off the table because she wasn’t with Jackson’s father and she didn’t want to complicate things. Being in a happy relationship with her new boyfriend, Lindsie now thinks differently. She admits she understands the desire to have a child with someone you love. Now, she hopes to have another baby one day. But, she isn’t in a rush.

What do you think of the real reason Lindsie Chrisley held on to her marriage? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

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