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Jordin Sparks Reveals She Turned Down ‘DWTS’ In The Past

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Jordin Sparks may be an American Idol champion, but singing is much different from dancing. Although the 32-year-old is happy to be on Dancing With The Stars this year, she admitted she had turned it down in the past.

So what exactly prompted her to seize the moment for Season 31? Keep reading and see what the American Idol winner had to say.

Jordin Sparks wasn’t ready to compete on Dancing With The Stars

It’s not at all uncommon for DWTS contestants to turn down a spot on the show and accept the invitation later on. Hollywood is full of busy people and they never quite know when they’ll have enough time to commit to the competition. But that’s not always the case.

During a DWTS press conference, Jordin Sparks admitted she turned down the show in the past because she was too afraid to join.

Brandon Armstrong and Jordin Sparks from Instagram
Brandon Armstrong & Jordin Sparks/Instagram

“The timing just didn’t go right. Mentally, I wasn’t in the right space,” she clarified. However, she changed her mind when the casting department asked again this year. In previous interviews, she said she wanted to show her son that it’s brave to do things that feel scary.

Jordin still feels butterflies in her stomach when she steps out onto the dance floor each week, but she’s working on that too.

“I had to change my mentality about it, cause I was really scared. It’s really scary to do something you don’t know and put yourself out there like that,” the singer continued. “I had to change my mentality [to be like], ‘Just have a good time. Like, this… When is this going to happen to me again?'”

Brandon Armstrong and Jordin Sparks from Instagram
Brandon Armstrong & Jordin Sparks/Instagram

So far, the American Idol winner and her partner Brandon Armstrong have been hovering near the middle of the pack. But during Disney+ Night, they worked hard and managed to pull off their highest score yet. Could this be a turning point for the team?

“I don’t do things unless I think I can do them well, unless I think I can get to a level of the standard that I hold myself to,” Jordin proudly said when the press asked if she thought she had a shot at winning. “Listen, I’ve already visualized myself holding this Mirrorball, okay.”

The couple prepares for an exciting two-episode week

In week five, there will be two episodes. Monday will be “Most Memorable Year” while Tuesday will be “Prom Night.” Jordin and Brandon will perform the Salsa “Let’s Get Married (ReMarqable Remix)” by Jagged Edge feat. RUN on Monday. Tuesday they will dance a Contemporary routine to “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

Jordin’s fans hope this will finally be the week she pulls ahead in the competition.

Don’t forget to log in to Disney+ on Monday night at 8 PM eastern time to kick the week off. Vote for Jordin Sparks and Brandon Armstrong if you want to see them make it to week six!

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