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Jeffrey Dahmer Victim’s Mother Breaks Silence

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Shirley Hughes, the mother of one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims, has broken her silence by speaking out against Netflix and the docuseries about the man who took her son’s life. According to The Guardian, Shirley is the mother of aspiring model Tony Hughes. Her son Tony was one of the dozen men that Jeffrey Dahmer killed.

Unsurprisingly, Shirley Hughes is breaking her silence to tell the world she isn’t happy with Netflix. And, she doesn’t understand how the story of a serial killer taking her son’s life (as well as a dozen other men) could be turned into a television show.

What did this mother of a Jeffrey Dahmer victim have to say about Netflix and this docuseries? Keep reading for the details.

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Shirley Hughes breaks silence on Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series

Speaking to The Guardian, Shirley Hughes explains that she did not sit down and watch the entire docuseries focused on Jeffrey Dahmer’s Story. As those who have already seen the docuseries know, one of the ten episodes tells the story of her son Tony’s death. Tony was just 31 years old. He was deaf and he was killed in 1991.

The big piece of information Shirley wanted to get out there about the docuseries and her son’s episode was simply the fact that it didn’t happen the way it was portrayed in the series.

Still speaking to the outlet, Shirley says she just doesn’t understand how Netflix could get away with using her family’s name in the series while altering how things really happened.

Where is Tony Hughes’ mother today?

At 85 years old, Shirley Hughes is still grieving the passing of her son. She, however, recently decided she was done grieving in silence. She decided to speak out and talk to media outlets. Shirley was ready to join the other relatives of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims who were not happy about Netflix dramatizing this serial killer.

Many relatives of Dahmer victims have admitted what they find most shocking about the entire thing is the fact that Netflix never reached out to them to discuss the series before it happened. Relatives of family members find this to be shocking because the streaming giant has made such a big deal out of how much time they spent on research to get the story right.

What are your thoughts on the victims of those who were killed my Dahmer? Did Netflix make a mistake releasing this series? Let us know in the comments down below.

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  1. If I had a son killed by that monster, I wouldn’t want such a tragedy made into a movie. They would have to get permission from each survivor and get the stories 100% correct if it had to be done. Also, I thank the man who killed Dahmer and hope he suffered greatly.

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