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Why Was Robyn Brown So Bothered By Kody Buying The Truck?

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Fans are well-aware that Robyn Brown does not work. She is a stay-at-home mother with a nanny. This is perfectly fine as her husband, Kody Brown indulges her. As long as she stays obedient to what he needs, then he will give her the moon. Of course, this does not follow any of the plural marriage rules. They seemingly break all of the rules to accommodate their lifestyle. In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody purchased a truck in order to carry the RV that Janelle had purchased. Yet, it was not just any truck. It had belonged to his late brother and he wanted to keep it in the family. It all worked out for the best yet Robyn appeared to be upset about him buying the trucks. Fans could bit understand why she was so annoyed. So, they took to Reddit to express their frustration.

Why Does Robyn Brown Care If Kody Bought The Truck?

Obviously, Janelle needed to get her RV back to Flagstaff after she purchased it. This gave Kody a reason to purchase his late brother’s truck which he had wanted for so long. Unfortunately, Robyn was less than thrilled with the truck purchase but fans of the show could not understand why. They took to Reddit to express their frustration and confusion.

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“She’s seemed so annoyed about them buying the truck to pull the RV…all the while she’s sitting in her million dollar “mansion.” Honestly the only reason I can think that she is upset is because she knows it will make her bills harder to pay…as she’s sitting there with no job and only having the TLC money coming in,” the thread started.

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Another person chimed in with this: “Actually Janelle decided everything, Kody just saw the opportunity to get his brother’s truck, but Janelle was going forward with or without Kody. From my understanding.” Many felt that because it did not benefit her or her kids, she was not so happy. In the end, they really want these questions asked at the tell-all. Sadly, they know that there most likely won’t be a host strong enough to take on Kody.

Janelle Is Finally Living On The Land

The best part of Kody buying the truck and going to get the RV is that someone is finally living on Coyote Pass. Robyn Brown was so excited to move to Flagstaff and hoped that this would be the last stop. However, the family still had not built on their lots since moving there in 2018. Fortunately, with Janelle’s home being sold, she decided to take the money she would have spent on a home and put it toward CP. Then, she took her own money and bought the RV to put on the land. Robyn just lacks happiness since she is now stuck with Kody all of the time.

Do you think Robyn Brown had the right to be upset over Kody’s sentimental but necessary truck purchase? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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