‘The Conners’ Introduces Another ‘Shameless’ Alum To Cast

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Shameless fans that tuned in to watch The Conners last night were a bit surprised to see another alum from the Showtime series joined Emma Kenney on the cast. Which member of her Shameless family made an appearance during last night’s episode of Conners? What role did the Shameless alum play? Keep reading for the details and spoilers.

Spoilers ahead for Season 5, Episode 4

Another Shameless alum joins cast of The Conners 

Fans of Shameless were thrilled when Emma Kenney was picked to play Harris in the Roseanne reboot as the Showtime series was nearing a natural end. And, it would be a way for fans to continue to see Emma on their screens. The Conners are eerily similar to the Gallaghers. So, it was pretty easy for fans of Shameless to see Emma Kenney in this new role.

What fans of the Showtime series were not expecting was to see a second member from the OG Shameless cast to join the cast of The Conners. Ethan Cutkosky, who played Emma’s brother Carl in Shameless, was introduced to the cast. He stepped into the role of Caleb. Caleb was a troubled 17-year-old. His father (who happened to be Neville and Louise’s brother) passed away during last night’s episode.

The Conners - ABC - Instagram
The Conners – ABC – Instagram

Louise and Neville explained to Jackie and Dan that one of the couples would need to step up and take Caleb in until he turned 18. This way he could be with family instead of in foster care. Initially, it seemed like Dan and Louise were the most ideal candidates. Jackie, however, put her foot down and insisted on taking him home with her.

Once Jackie got Caleb alone. She explained that she felt a connection to him because she also had a horrible parent. And, she knew what that felt like.

Things get weird between Ethan and Emma

Now, things got a bit weird during the episode for fans of Shameless who had a hard time separating the fact that Emma and Ethan were NOT siblings in The Conners. Being a 17-year-old boy, Ethan repeatedly tried to convince Emma she should be intimate with him out of pity because he was an orphan who just lost his father. His character Caleb (Ethan) insisted the only person that could help him deal with his pain and grief was Harris (Emma).

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As fans will recall, Ethan isn’t the only Shameless alone to visit Emma on the set. Noel Fisher was also introduced to the cast as Dan’s younger brother.

Were you surprised to see another member of the Shameless cast on The Conners? Let us know if you think Ethan should be a regular cast member in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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