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‘Shadows House’ Season 3: Fans Demand Renewal Announcement

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The Eng Dub Season 2 Finale of Shadows House dropped last weekend and viewers are itching to know if Season 3 has been confirmed yet. Classified as a gothic mystery supernatural seriesShadows House is a haunting thriller that has viewers questioning what the heck they are watching while quickly drawing them in as a binge-worthy series.

What Is This Haunting Series About?

Shadows House is an adaption of a manga series that tells the story of children summoned from a village under the guise of it being a great honor to serve on the property referred to as the Shadows House. No one on the outside of the home, however, knows what really happens to the children once they are taken inside.

By the end of Season 2, fans learn that the “living dolls” are actually children plucked from a nearby village. The shadows are created to resemble the children. When shadows become adults, the fuse with their living dolls. Ultimately, the living doll dies as the shadow kills the living doll’s soul to fuse. When shadows fail during their debut or fail to become adults, the living dolls become veiled dolls that continue to serve the house. The adults of the house use a special coffee to brainwash the living dolls into forgetting who they are.

Finding out the truth, some of the children have started to fight back.

Shadow House Youtube

Fans Beg For Season 3 Shadows House Renewal

At this time, Shadows House has not been renewed for Season 3 just yet. According to Anime Geek, the chances of Shadows House getting renewed for Season 3 are extremely likely. The outlet speculates renewal confirmation could happen before the year comes to an end. Likewise, the outlet expects Season 3 to get released sometime

It is possible confirmation of Season 3 could happen on November 26, 2022. This date is special to the series because it is the date a special event is taking place to celebrate the release of the Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD. If this happens, Season 3 could air as early as September/October 2023.

Shadow House Youtube

Have you had a chance to check out this series yet? Did you watch the Eng Dub or Eng Sub version? If you haven’t watched it yet, does this series sound like something you want to check out? Let us know if you are hopeful for a Season 3 of this series too. And, keep coming back for more anime-related news!

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