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The Real Reason Jeremy Roloff Returned From His Trip Early

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Former Little People, Big World star Jeremy Roloff recently left Audrey and their kids behind to head out on a trip. However, now he’s back and it’s a little earlier than he initially planned to return. What happened that made him come home early? Keep reading to get all of the details about why his trip was cut short.

As TV Shows Ace reported, Jeremy recently shared with fans that he was heading on a trip with a few of his guy friends. He told his Instagram followers he’d be “off grid” as he went canoeing and camping for six days. He seemed pretty eager to get out and explore.

Jeremy Roloff Instagram

However, Jeremy Roloff returned back home earlier than planned. He didn’t address why this was or what happened. But he was tagged in an Instagram post one of his friends shared on social media, which revealed what actually happened on the trip.

The Real Reason Jeremy Roloff Returned From His Trip Early

In a new Instagram post, Jeremy’s friend, Tom, shared more details about their trip and said it  “ended very abruptly” and “didn’t go as planned.”

He explained that there was an incident with the canoe. He wrote, “A few days in, an unfortunate turn put us right into this rock which turned the canoe, instantly filled us with water and washed away every last thing in there.” The canoe ended up getting stuck and they couldn’t do anything to free it. So, two of the guys ended up in one canoe with any of the gear they could grab, while two hiked more than 10 miles.

Fortunately, there are no injuries to report, aside from a few cuts from the rocks and brush on the hike. Despite their plans changing, Jeremy Roloff’s friend describes it as one of the “most adventurous things I’ve ever experienced.”

Below, you can read part of the post from Jeremy Roloff’s friend.

Tom Baker Instagram (Jeremy Roloff)

You can read more details below as well.

Tom Baker Instagram (Jeremy Roloff)

The full story and photos can be found here. 

Interestingly, Jeremy Roloff hasn’t shared this story himself yet. It’s unclear why he hasn’t addressed it on his Instagram page. Maybe he will post it later on, or maybe he’s not going to make a big deal out of it.

So, do all of these details about the chaos on Jeremy Roloff’s trip shock you? Why do you think he hasn’t mentioned it himself? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World updates. Plus, don’t miss the show’s return to TLC on November 1.

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