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Kim Kardashian Claims Reality TV ‘Does Not Open Doors’

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Kim Kardashian, once again, has found herself in hot water while talking about people and their work ethic. Keep reading to find out what Kim said on the new episode of The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian defends herself

As previously reported, Kim Kardashian made headlines when she said she had some advice for people when it came to being successful like her in their work. She made a comment that really rubbed fans the wrong way.

“I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f**king a** up and work,” she said in the original video.

Now, that period of time is happening on the family show, The Kardashians. Apparently, Kim was not expecting such a negative reaction from fans about her comment because that is just really what she believes.

“There’s just been so much going on because of that Variety interview, and it’s like I said what I said about people working,” she says on the show. “Do I believe in that? Yes. I believe that you have to work hard in order to do that, but I was just so blindsided by how angry people got.”

Even though she claims to have listened to people’s feedback on the comment, she still isn’t really willing to take it back. She actually went on to talk about how she wasn’t handed everything and her family did have to work to get where they are now.

“I think everyone would assume I got everything handed to me, being on a TV show. But being on a reality show, let alone a reality show girl with a s*x tape does not open doors,” she explains to her sisters.

Of course, this had fans just as mad as the first time she said it.

Fans get heated

Fans took to Reddit to talk about the comments Kim made on the show The Sun reports. Most feel she is quite tone-deaf by making these harsh comments and really doesn’t understand her own privilege.

“Nah Kim lost me when she said being on a reality show doesn’t open’am you literally would not be where you are WITHOUT your REALITY TV SHOW. MAIS AAALLLOOOO! #TheKardashians.”

“Kim claiming her sex tape and being on a reality show did not open doors for her in Hollywood!!!!!!…get all the way out. #TheKardashians.”

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

Are you angry at Kim Kardashian for these comments? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian and Jenner sisters.

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