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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Tiffany Bates Desperate For In-Laws’ Approval?

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Bringing Up Bates fans are beginning to think that Tiffany Bates, Lawson’s wife, is still trying to win over her in-laws. Her recent social media activity seems to suggest she’s getting desperate to have their approval, fans think. What’s going on with Tiffany these days that has fans asking so many questions?

Tiffany Bates joins the Bates family

Tiffany joined the family in May 2022 when she and Lawson got hitched in San Diego. Though she’s been a part of the family for a little while now, fans think she’s struggling to fit in with the rest of the Bringing Up Bates family.

It’s unclear why exactly this is. She seems to share some of their same religious beliefs and dresses somewhat modestly. But fans think she hasn’t had much luck making friends with her new sisters-in-law.

One sister-in-law that Tiffany seems to have hit things off with is Erin Bates Paine. She’s shared several photos of herself with Erin and her kids.

Below, you can see a photo of Tiffany with Erin’s son, Carson. She seems to have a special bond with him.

Tiffany Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Batesa

Bringing Up Bates fans think she craves her in-laws’ approval

Tiffany’s recent social media activity has raised questions among fans. On her Instagram Stories, Tiffany shared a photo of herself and Katie Bates Clark and wrote, “I am convinced I have the MOST GORGEOUS sister-in-laws.”

Then, Bringing Up Bates star Katie shared the photo on her own Instagram Stories and said, “Good to see you. Love you.”

On Reddit, fans are discussing this interaction between the sisters-in-law. You can see the post below.

Tiffany Bates Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

In the comments section of the Reddit post, fans are taking this post as a sign that Tiffany is eager to make friends within the Bates family. One Bringing Up Bates fan said, “Why on Earth does she want approval from these people? I mean, yeah, you hope to get along with your in-laws, but Tiffany comes across as desperate.”

Another fan added, “It’s so obvious she craves their approval.”

Plenty of others are agreeing with these statements and seem to think Tiffany posts such positive things about her sisters-in-law to try to make friends with them. It’s also worth noting that other odd things are happening with Tiffany’s social media right now. She unfollowed everyone except for Lawson, his dog, and his horse on Instagram. It’s unclear what’s really going on with her though.

The fan also pointed out Tiffany’s success as an actress and how happy she seemed in San Diego. So, the fan doesn’t understand why she wants the Bates family to like her so much when she has other things going for her.

So, do you think Tiffany Bates is eager to win over her new family? Do you think this latest post with Katie Bates proves that? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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