ABC Pads ‘The Conners’ Season 5 With Even More Episodes

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There was a time when fans weren’t sure if ABC was going to give the green light for Season 5 of The Conners. Unsurprisingly, fans had pretty mixed feelings when the series did return with a core cast member missing from the show.

An exclusive from Deadline, however, reveals The Conners Season 5 just got supersized by the network and padded with even more episodes. Turns out, The Conners Season 5 will now run for 25 episodes. This officially makes Season 5 the season with the longest episode count to date.

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How long were the previous seasons of The Conners?

Believe it or not, the very first season of the Roseanne reboot ran for just 11 episodes. This episode count didn’t come as too much of a surprise as fans suspected the network was testing the waters to see if this reboot was even something their viewers wanted to see. Things picked up for Seasons 2, 3, and 4 which all ran for 20 episodes.

Deadline confirms a decision was recently made to pad Season 5 even more so than previous seasons and make it run for a full 25 episodes. The outlet proceeded to clarify that a 25 episodes order is  traditionally what the network considers to be a “full-season broadcast order.”

According to the outlet, super-sizing their hit shows is something ABC has been doing a lot of lately. For example, Abbott Elementary Season 2 was padded with 22 episodes. These numbers can be compared to Abbott Elementary Season 1 having just 13 episodes.

Introduction of a new relative followed this news

As TvShowsAce previously reported, learning the series got padded with more episodes for Season 5 wasn’t the only big news for fans of The Conners. Turns out, a former Shameless cast member was handpicked to pick up a role. Ethan Cutkosky revealed someone reached out to him to ask if he wanted to make an appearance in an episode of The Conners as a guest star beside his former sister on Shameless.

Fans of The Conners celebrate news of the super size

On multiple social media platforms, fans were thrilled to learn there would be even more episodes of The Conners. Some fans admitted the super-sized order was a bit relieving as it gives them hope the series may even return for Season 6.

Are you excited to learn there will be 25 episodes of The Conners Season 5? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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