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Whitney Way Thore Dishes On Current Relationship Status

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What’s going on with Whitney Way Thore’s love life these days? Viewers know that she’s had an ongoing relationship with an unknown Frenchman. However, it’s getting a little difficult for the two to see each other in person. Long distance relationships can be difficult, so what are Whitney and her French beau going to do about it?

In a newly released clip by TLC, the MBFFL star gives a salacious relationship update. Keep reading to see what happened.

Whitney Way Thore and the Frenchman get a little spicy

When Whitney Way Thore announced she had found love with a French guy, many viewers were a little skeptical that the relationship would work out in the end. After all, that’s a pretty significant distance between the two. On top of that, he seemed very uncomfortable being in the public eye — viewers still don’t know what he looks like or what his name is. Whitney lives a very public life. Could the two ever make it work?

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

According to the new TLC clip, their relationship is entering uncharted territory.

“By the way y’all, I have big news,” Whitney reveals in the car to her friends. She goes on to say that she and her French boyfriend have been chatting about the next time they’ll be together in person. In all honesty, they really don’t know when it will be feasible to see one another. As a result, Whitney reveals they’ve introduced a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy into their relationship.

One of the friends announces that Whitney and her French boyfriend have entered into an open relationship. The TLC star seems perfectly fine with the new rules, but her friends seem a little skeptical. One friend even says that she wants to support Whitney but could also see the relationship taking a hard left turn.

Whitney Way Thore from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, TLC
My Big Fat Fabulous Life/TLC

Do you think Whitney Way Thore’s new relationship dynamic is going to work out? Be sure to leave your ideas in the comments.

And what about Babs?

While all the drama with the French boyfriend is going on, fans still want to see more of Babs. MBFFL viewers really care about the Thore family matriarch and want to make sure she’s doing okay. Luckily, Whitney Way Thore is happily sharing positive updates and good news about her mom on her Instagram page. Fans that want to check in with Babs can usually find the latest information there.

New episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life air on Tuesday nights, so don’t forget to keep watching and see what Whitney and the rest of her crew are up to. There will definitely be more news and updates to share, so stay tuned for the latest updates!

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