‘Unexpected’ Hailey 2 Reflects On Time Gone By

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Unexpected alum Hailey ‘2’ Tilford was a mess when she joined the series as a ‘friend of.’ Her best friend, Hailey ‘1’ Tomlinson was a main cast member. However, Hailey 2 ended up hooking up with Hailey 1’s baby daddy, Matthew. At the time, Matt and Hailey 1 were expecting their daughter, Kinsley. In a twist, when Matt and Hailey 2 showed up together at the reunion, she was pregnant, as well. Now, she is giving her followers an update on her son, Levi. Furthermore, she is in shock at how much he has grown and how fast time goes by.

An Unexpected Baby Grows Up

Season 3 welcomed Hailey 1 Tomlinson and her best friend, Hailey 2 Tilford. Sadly, Matt was unfaithful to Hailey 1 and would text Hailey 2 while the two were together. The girl code did not exist and Hailey 1 ended up on her own. No one expected that Hailey 2 would end up pregnant when the reunion came around. Finally, the two girls were able to somewhat reconnect when they realized that Matt was a poor excuse for a boyfriend.

Hailey 1/YouTube
Hailey 1

Now, Hailey 2 is showing off a picture of her son, Levi. He is not a baby anymore, that is for sure. She took to Instagram to share the photo with the caption: “I can’t believe how fast time has gone. My baby isn’t such a baby anymore.” Her followers could not get over how big he was or how much they looked alike.


“It’s crazy! He looks so much like you! Like identical in the face,” one noted. Another added: “He’s a mini you ❤️ you’re doing amazing with him mama!” One chimed in: “Oh my goodness he is so grown up now!” They also missed seeing photos of him so they were excited to see his beautiful face once again. As for his mama, she seems fairly content as she doe snot post much but did celebrate turning 21 back in May.

What About Hailey 1?

Levi’s mother’s former best friend, Hailey 1 has moved on from her Unexpected days. She started dating Darren Amos and they were a very happy couple for a handful of years. He was an amazing surrogate father to her daughter, Kinsley. Then, they hit a rough patch a few months back. It seemed to have something to do with Matt suddenly getting overly involved. Darren was broken up over losing Kinsley in his life. However, the two have worked it out and are back together.

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