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Meri Brown Flaunts In Siren Red Bathing Suit

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown definitely isn’t having a great time on screen at the moment. As Season 17 continues, viewers are watching Kody Brown completely ignore his first wife. In fact, he even seemingly tried to push her out by suggesting that she move to Utah and live in the bed in breakfast she owns. Needless to say, Meri Brown isn’t feeling particularly loved these days.

But her Instagram page paints a completely different story.

TV Meri Brown may be miserable, but social media Meri Brown is having the time of her life. Keep reading to see the TLC star flaunt a beautiful scarlet swimsuit.

Meri Brown shows off in a stunning red swimsuit

Most Sister Wives fans know that Meri Brown has a pretty active social media presence. She uses Instagram to sell LuLaRoe products and also to show off moments from her life.

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

The TLC star recently shared a photo of herself in a beautiful red swimsuit. While Meri did look quite lovely, she did get quite a bit of flack from her followers for sharing it.

Happy people do things that make them happy,” Meri captioned her Instagram post. “Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.😀”

Meri Brown from Instagram
Meri Brown/Instagram

Fans admitted it was nice to see Meri smile, but they couldn’t help but feel that the post was forced or fake. Lately, a lot of Sister Wives fans are calling out Meri Brown for being fake online.

Then leave Cody [sic] and you’ll be ecstatic 👏👏” one fan wrote on the post.

“Life is too short to be in a relationship where you are not valued,” another added. “I get it you help start this family but honey it’s time you do you. Go do Meri… create memories for Meri…”After all is said and done, it really doesn’t seem like Meri Brown intends to leave Kody anytime soon – no matter how much her followers wish she would.

Do you think Meri is being fake online? Is she trying to protect her sanity or is something else going on? Be sure to share your ideas in the comments.

The TLC star’s child is having much better luck in love

Meri Brown may be having a rough time in her marriage, but her child Leon couldn’t be happier. Leon and their partner Audrey probably won’t make another appearance on Sister Wives anytime soon, but they’re active on Instagram and very in love. It doesn’t appear as if they’ve tied the knot yet, but fans are standing by and keeping an eye out for wedding news.

Interested in seeing more of the Brown family? TLC will air a brand new episode of Sister Wives Season 17 this Sunday night at 10 PM eastern time. If you want to keep up with Meri and the rest of the family, it’s the best way to do it. Stay tuned for more information on the family.

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  1. Kody is a complete d**k! I think Meri stays bc she doesn’t have the confidence to be on her own, when she actually already is … she just needs to realize it! She’s beautiful, sweet, funny and a great mom!

    Janelle won’t leave bc she’s the breadwinner of the family and Kody treats her just well enough (bc she IS the breadwinner) for her to hang in there. I’m pretty sure it has been said there is no intimacy in that relationship either.

    Hooray for Christine recognizing she deserves so more than she will ever get from him!!

    AND Robyn recently said how difficult it is (he is?) to be around 24/7. She knows not how to stand up to him and say this is not what I signed up for! Good Luck, Robyn … he’s all yours whether you want him 24/7 or not!

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