Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss from Instagram

‘SW’: Leon Brown & Audrey Kriss Enjoy The Good Life

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Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss may no longer be active participants on Sister Wives, but they’re still pretty popular with the fanbase. Many fans really appreciate that Leon managed to break away from their family’s strict lifestyle and forge their own path. What’s not to love about the adorable couple?

It appears that Leon still plays an active role in her mother Meri’s life. They just no longer want to be affiliated with the show. Most fans don’t blame them for that in the slightest.

But even though they haven’t been active on TLC, Leon is still happy to share updates with fans now and then. Keep reading to learn more about the recent photo they shared.

Leon Brown couldn’t be happier to share their life with Audrey Kriss

Audrey and Leon fell in love on Sister Wives when they both identified as women. Viewers watched their relationship blossom into true love and they eventually got engaged. After parting ways with the show, both Leon and Audrey both came out as transgender. Today, both use they/them pronouns.

Now that they are both out and publically living their truth, life is great. Leon even said as much on their Instagram page this week.

“Life with you is too too good,” Leon captioned the adorable photo. Leon and Audrey are beaming from ear to ear and seem to totally bask in one another’s company.

Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss from Instagram
Leon Brown/Instagram

It seems as if the couple is still engaged at the moment. If they did marry, they didn’t make any public announcements and family members didn’t share any photos or updates. Many of the Brown family children keep lower profiles these days, but it seems likely that Meri Brown would have posted something about Leon’s wedding.

Fans eagerly hope to hear exciting news about the upcoming nuptials very soon.

Sister Wives fans start to sour on Meri Brown

Leon and Audrey may not be active parts of Sister Wives any longer, but Meri Brown definitely is. Many viewers felt sorry for Meri when Kody first rejected her, but now the tides have shifted. Several fans are getting sick of Meri’s “poor me” attitude and have even started calling her out online.

Meri Brown routinely shares happy, uplifting images online while simultaneously acting completely miserable on the show. On-screen, she frequently complains about her relationship with Kody. And yet, she refuses to leave. In the most recent episode, Kody even seemingly tried to push her out by encouraging her to go live at the bed and breakfast she owns in Utah.

Sister Wives Season 17 will air a brand new episode this Sunday night on TLC starting at 10 PM eastern time. Don’t forget to tune in and see what the Browns are up to next!

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