Garrison Brown from Instagram

’SW:’ Robert Garrison Brown Travels To Moon, Spots UFO

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All of the Brown family children have their unique hobbies and interests, even Robert Garrison Brown. He’s Janelle Brown’s middle child and has always been a bit quieter than some of his siblings. Like many of the other children, he no longer plays an active role on Sister Wives. But that’s not stopping him from living his best life anyway.

Lately, Garrison has really taken an interest in exploring the wilderness and trying out photography. He managed to capture a beautiful image of the moon that has his followers talking. Keep reading to see more!

Garrison Brown shows off his lunar adventures with fans

Avid Sister Wives viewers know that Garrison and his brother Gabe really don’t get along with their father Kody these days. During the pandemic, Kody tried to force Janelle to kick out her adult sons — which she was not willing to do. Both boys were employed and trying to save up enough money to live on their own. Janelle was just helping them until they could afford to leave.

It appears that Garrison Brown is now living on his own and exploring adult life. He even has a cat named “Catthew” that frequently shows up in his Instagram posts.

Garrison Brown from Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

But when he isn’t busy with Catthew and work, Garrison is working on his photography skills. And fans are really impressed with what he’s managed to capture on film.

“1st attempt at photographing the moon. Nikon d3500, Sigma 150-600mm. 1 shot,” Garrison captioned his stunning lunar images. In the second photo, he even photoshopped a little UFO in for laughs.

Garrison Brown from Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

Absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing. I will always be someone who must stop and admire the moon and stars. I appreciate you sharing your wonderful pictures!” one fan wrote in the comments.

“Great shot and laughing at the second one,” another added.

Based on his recent Instagram posts, it seems like Garrison Brown definitely has a sense of humor. He’s also posted about keeping an eye out for supernatural creatures while on one of his many wilderness adventures. Fans really appreciate his subtle humor and would love to see more of Garrison’s big adventures.

His mother Janelle prepares to begin her RV adventure

Fans shouldn’t expect Garrison Brown to make many more appearances on Sister Wives after the fallout with his father. However, they sincerely hope his mother Janelle is going to be all right. In Season 17, fans are seeing her scramble to find housing after learning that her rental is getting sold. It seems like an RV adventure is her only option now.

Sister Wives will be back with a new episode this Sunday night. Tune into TLC at 10 PM eastern time and see what’s going on with the Brown family now. You won’t want to miss out.

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