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Fans Puzzled By Katie Bates & Travis Clark’s Financial Situation

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Bringing Up Bates fans are asking Katie Bates and Travis Clark some big questions about their financial situation. At just 22 and 21 years old, the couple appears to be doing well for themselves. Fans have noticed this after taking a peek into the Bates daughter and son-in-law’s lifestyle. So, what has prompted all these questions, and how do Katie and Travis have the means to live this way? Keep reading for all of the details.

If you didn’t know, Travis and Katie live in New Jersey and are preparing to welcome their first baby in March. To make a living in addition to Travis’ job, the couple has a YouTube channel and Katie often works with companies via social media. It’s possible she makes a decent amount of money promoting various products on her Instagram account.

Travis Clark and Katie Bates YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans question their latest purchase.

In a new Instagram post on the Duggar Bates Confessions page, fans are discussing a couple of Travis Clark and Katie Bates’ lifestyle choices and the way they spend their money. Fans are specifically questioning their Tesla, which they purchased recently. The fan asked, “How is it that Travis, Katie’s husband, can afford a Tesla?” The fan also pointed out that the couple is frequently traveling.

In the comments section of the post, many other Bringing Up Bates fans chimed in to share their thoughts about Katie Bates and Travis Clark’s decision to buy a Tesla. One fan claimed that Travis used his “daddy’s money.”

However, other fans said that Teslas aren’t actually that expensive, especially if they’re purchased used. Another Tesla owner revealed, “I’m a teacher with 4 kids and a Tesla…we aren’t rich, lol.”

Another fan added, “Just because YOU can’t afford things doesn’t mean others can’t. If they are wise with their money they can and I’m sure they wouldn’t have bought OR financed something if it was going to drain everything that have.”

Duggar Bates Confessions - Instagram, Bringing Up Bates

How much did Travis Clark & Katie Bates pay for their car?

When Travis Clark and Katie Bates purchased the Tesla, they said that it is a base model, which is known as Model 3. According to the Tesla website, a new Model 3 costs $46,990.

However, Travis and Katie bought the car used and also had an old car to trade in or sell. So, they may not have paid a ton for the Tesla after all. They also pointed out that they were able to get a good deal on it.

With all of those factors considered, what they paid for the Tesla was likely comparable to the cost of another SUV, truck, or car.

Tesla website (Bringing Up Bates, Travis Clark)

As for their frequent trips, it’s unclear exactly how they afford to travel back to Tennessee as often as they do. But it’s worth noting that the rest of the Bates family lives in Tennessee, so there are plenty of places for them to stay, which saves them money on hotels.

So, what do you think of Katie and Travis Clark’s financial situation? Do you agree with all of the concerned fans? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Bringing Up Bates family. You can watch their YouTube video about the Tesla below.

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  1. Really it is not unusual to travel back and forth. All five of my children and spouse have traveled back and forth until I moved in with one of them.
    The Tesla is not that expensive if you look at gas prices.

    The other thing they make money with his recording, his family is musical and preforms often. Then bringing up bates also paid the children. Why is it anyone business what or how they make money. Are you paying their bills? Get over yourself and leave them alone

    1. Well actually it is, when you put yourself out there in the public’s eye, you open yourself up to all kinds of questions…they shouldn’t have any trouble answering them if they are doing it on their own.

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