‘Alaskan Bush People’ Bear Brown Talks Family’s Strengths

Bear Brown on Alaskan Bush People

The second episode of Alaskan Bush People this season saw Gabe Brown set out to achieve a dream. He wants to build a home for his wife and kids that he can come home to each day on the mountain. While he got some pushback from Bam Bam Brown, he ended up finding help from Bear Brown.

That is when Bear Brown revealed the strengths of the Alaskan Bush People family and how they are better as a whole than just by their parts.

Bear Brown helps Gabe gather wood for his dream house

The first episode of Alaskan Bush People saw Gabe Brown helping Bam Bam Brown cut down some trees. Their idea was to cut down the dying trees, and then they could use the wood to rebuild their ranch. The wildfires of 2020 burned down their ranch and they started a rebuild. After this, Gabe had a great idea.

Bear Brown talking to Gabe on Alaskan Bush People

Gabe had found a lot of abandoned wood built onto the side of a mountain for old mining operations. He realized that all this wood was sitting there, and it was free. He saw a goldmine of wood that could kick-start his home building dreams. However, there was a problem.

The construction of the wood on the side of the mountain was extremely dangerous. Bam accompanied his brother to the site and determined the danger was greater than the reward. Bam’s slogan is “respect the danger” and he let Gabe know it was a bad idea and they left. However, Gabe then went to Bear Brown.

Bear came with him and realized what Bam had rejected the idea. However, Bear is much more daring, and he loves extreme and dangerous heights. He also loves to destroy things. This made him the perfect person to help Gabe and eventually Bam returned and saw they had a smart and safe idea for getting the wood down and helped them.

Bear on what makes Alaskan Bush People strong

Bear Brown also had an enormous task at his new site on the mountain where he wants to move his family. They got their trailer up there, but that is a small vehicle, and Bear knows he needed something bigger. He got a big tent and wanted to build a floor to put it over since there were mice in the grass.

Bear Brown and Gabe tearing apart wood

That led Bear to pontificate on what makes each member of the Brown family strong. He realized he needed to figure out a way to keep it up in the wind on a floor that ended up too large. Bear admitted that the best person to help him with his tent problems was Noah. Noah was the guy who could solve problems.

He said that for pure strength, Gabe was the right guy to call and he was perfect in helping Bear get the tent up, even if it took them a long time to figure out the schematics. He said that Bam was the perfect person to recognize danger in keeping the family safe. Finally, he pointed to Birdie as the one Brown family member with the biggest heart who would never take no for an answer. Each member has their weaknesses, but together, the Alaskan Bush People family is unstoppable.

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