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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Chuck Turner’s Life In 2022

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Whatever happened to Chuck Turner after he left My 600-Lb. Life? The Texas native first appeared on the show all the way back in Season 2 along with other memorable cast members Christina Phillips and Zsalynn Whitworth.

Like many other participants, Chuck struggled when he first joined the program. But over time, he found ways to make it work and really enjoyed how great he felt after losing a significant amount of weight.

But what’s Chuck up to in 2022? Keep reading for details.

Chuck Turner turned to food for comfort after a heartbreaking loss

When viewers first met Chuck Turner, he was dealing with severe depression. His first wife passed away, which triggered his food addiction to cope with the pain and grief. But after reaching 693 lbs, Chuck knew he needed to make a change. That’s when he entered Dr. Now’s program and started working on his weight loss journey.  During his Season 2 episode, viewers watched him make dramatic progress.

“Back when I was heavy I couldn’t move around,” Chuck said back in 2018. “I couldn’t function the way I needed to because of the weight. I was too heavy to do my job, so I used to rely on my [tow truck] competitors to help me.”

Chuck Turner from My 600-Lb. Life, TLC
Chuck Turner/TLC

He went on to say that his church provided a lot of support, love, and prayer during his difficult journey. He said they never tried to judge him or make him feel bad about his size. After receiving bariatric surgery, Chuck even went on to try blind dating.

But where is he in 2022?

Last year, TV Shows Ace reported that Chuck Turner was still alive and well. And it seems as if that’s still true. The TLC personality has a semi-public Facebook page and he shares inspirational quotes often. It also appears that Chuck has an active interest in politics based on his posts.

Chuck Turner from Facebook
Chuck Turner/Facebook

Based on his profile picture, it seems like Chuck managed to keep the weight off and continue working towards his health goals. His fans are certainly proud of him for that!

New episodes of My 600-Lb. Life will reportedly arrive soon

My 600-Lb. Life Season 10 began nearly a year ago, so many fans are wondering if there will be Season 11 episode anytime soon. TLC never made an official announcement here, but Dr. Now himself has confirmed that there would be new content. However, he didn’t release a season premiere date or tease any content. So for now, it just seems like fans will have to wait and see what happens from here.

Interested in keeping up with the latest My 600-Lb. Life news? Be sure to follow TV Shows Ace online and never miss another update. Stay tuned for more information and see what other former castmates are up to in 2022.

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