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‘The Appraisers’ Host Chris Ritter Dead In Freak Accident At 43

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Chris Ritter, former host of The Appraisers, has been confirmed dead at 43. His cause of death was determined to be related to head injuries caused by a freak accident. Philly Voice first broke the news a week ago citing the reality TV host’s obituary as the original source of information. It, however, wasn’t until the past 24 hours that the story got picked up by major outlets and surfaced on Facebook and Google News.

The Appraisers host Chris Ritter dead at 43 in freak accident

According to his obituary, Chris Ritter passed away on Monday, September 26, 2022. Chris Ritter was riding in a golf cart at Manor Golf Club near Reading on a Monday afternoon when a weekend tree branch came crashing down on top of him. After the tree branch struck him in the head, he was rushed to a nearby hospital where he died of head injuries roughly an hour later.

The Berks County Coronor John Fielding confirmed head injuries as Chris Ritter’s cause of death. His death was ruled accidental and John Fielding suspected the strong winds in the week prior could have caused the tree branch to weaken to the point of falling down.

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He leaves behind his wife of 15 years

Chris Ritter leaves behind his wife of 15 years, Tamara, and his two beautiful boys. His obituary reads referencing his two sons: “His sons were his world, and he loved nothing more than making them laugh and smile.” The late reality TV host had a passion for older vehicles. Prior to his death, he was working as a library director at the Antique Automobile Club of America Library and Research Center in Hershey.

The Appraisers - Christopher Ritter - Youtube

As those who watched The Appraisers know, he joined class car expert Tom Cox and “Vegas High Roller” Ben Nef. Chris Ritter was coined as the “car geek” on the show. Sadly, the show only ran for one season and eight episodes. Presently, the series is available for streaming in its entirety via Amazon Prime Video. The series preceded the much more well-known series on Discovery called Sticker Shock.

Fans of The Appraisers send their thoughts and prayers to Chris Ritter’s family during this difficult time.

Rest in peace, Chris Ritter.

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