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‘SW’: Kody Brown REFUSES To Suffer With His Wife Janelle

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During this week’s episode of Sister Wives, fans watch as Kody Brown works to help Janelle prepare for her move to the RV on Coyote Pass. Kody Brown reminded that the family needed a more heavy duty truck. So, it was the perfect opportunity for him to reach out to his brother’s widow about buying his late brother’s truck. Kody admitted he wasn’t sure what to do with the truck after that. But, he was happy to have the truck continue to stay in the family.

During confessionals, it became clear none of Janelle’s sister wives really supported her plan to live off the land. Robyn Brown, however, took the cake as the most critical and unsupportive of the bunch. Robyn even suggested that Kody really didn’t need to buy a truck to help Janelle.

While Kody Brown clearly had a lot of reservations about Janelle moving into an RV on the property, he appeared to be mostly supportive and onboard with her plan. Likewise, he kept using “we” when he discussed moving onto the property.

A preview for next week’s episode, however, reveals something happened to cause Kody Brown to change his mind. He’s suddenly no longer supportive of the plan and he refused to suffer with Janelle.

Kody Brown - janelle brown  youtube

Kody Brown refuses to suffer with Janelle

During the preview for next week’s episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown admits he believed Janelle moving into an RV on the property is a huge mistake. And, he has no intention or obligation to suffer with her and her bad choices. As those who follow Janelle on Instagram know, she did share a few photos of Kody enjoying dinner with her and Savanah at the RV on Coyote Pass while they were living on the property. It was only a few photos, though. Likewise, fans also know Janelle only lived on the property for a few months. She packed up when winter rolled around. And, when summer rolled back around, she decided not to go back to life on the RV.

Kody Brown - Janelle - Sister Wives - Instagram
Kody Brown – Janelle – Sister Wives – Instagram

In comments on her Instagram, Janelle tells everyone that she loved the RV life. It, however, wasn’t a good fit for Savanah. And, she had to do what was best for her child.

Up until this point, fans really weren’t sure if Kody Brown spent any time at the RV with Savanah and Janelle beyond a few family meals together. The preview for next week’s episode, however, makes it sound like Kody considers the whole thing to be a mistake and has no intention of suffering beside Janelle.

Does it surprise you to see how quickly Kody Brown flipped from supporting Janelle to not supporting her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. I used to enjoy watching Sister Wives. Now, not so much. Unconditional love is something Kody may need to think about. It also bothers me that he was not around to emotionally support Mary when her Mother passed.

  2. She could have built a carport with an apartment above for what she had in the RV and truck. Could have been done in a manner that house could have joined first structure.

  3. He always agrees with his first 3 wives until Sobyn has to criticize what is happening and then he is against what ever they are doing. He is a first scum bag

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