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‘Shark Tank’ 2022 Update: Where Are Fish Fixe Now?

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Founders Melissa Harrington and Emily Castro introduced their brand Fish Fixe to the viewers on Season 13 of Shark Tank. The brand delivers perfectly portioned and premium-quality seafood to the customers’ doorstep. Given how intriguing their pitch was, Lori Greiner offered the founders their ask in exchange for a 25% equity in their brand. Now that it has been more than a year since they appeared on the ABC show, where is Fish Fixe now? Are they still functional? Keep reading to find out!

Fish Fixe Asks For $200,000 For A 15% Equity

Co-founder Melissa and her husband Chris have been a part of the fish sector for more than a decade. On the other hand, Emily has worked in the wine industry for 14 years. The dedication and effort of these two ladies and veteran soccer players are just what gave the firm its much-needed boost. Even after a year of their Shank Tank appearance, their dedication to the company still reflects in their sales.

Fish Fixe Shark Tank YouTube

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Emily and Melissa came to Shark Tank seeking $200,000 in funding for 15% of their business. They started their pitch by mentioning that every 2 out of 10 Americans consume seafood just twice a week. This is because they have no idea how to acquire, handle, or even cook fresh fish when required. As they made their pitch, they provided the Sharks with samples of their dishes.

Lori Greiner Snags The Fish Fixe Deal From Kevin O’Leary

However, the star of the show was the tasty sauce that they served with their fish. The duo also discussed the origins of their brand. The most popular item on their official website ranges between $139 and $149. As per Meaww, customer acquisition can cost anywhere between $30 and $40. In their pitch, they also mentioned that they hope to sell $1 Million before the year ends.

Lori Greiner YouTube Shark Tank

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Although Kevin O’Leary is intrigued by the pitch, he offers the asked amount at 33.3% equity which is just double what they offered. Even after the founders asked him to drop to 25%, he doesn’t budge below 30%. Lori Greiner, who is also intrigued to make an offer, interrupts and enquires if they are willing to accept $200,000 for 25%. They agree and get the deal by trading 25% of their equity.

Fish Fixe’s Profit Soared By 400% Since 2021 Shark Tank Appearance

A clip of the company’s current status was shared on the latest episode of Shark Tank Season 14. The firm is now decentralizing its distribution between the West and East coasts with the help of Lori’s investment. They have also ensured that their packaging materials are 100% recyclable.

Fish Fixe Shark Tank YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Given their popularity surge after their appearance on Shark Tank, the company’s profit tanked by 400% by March 2021. As of September 2022, the firm is on target to close $4 Million in sales. In 2021, their estimated worth was $800,000 and now in 2022, the company’s net worth is more than $1.3 Million with $500,000 in sales yearly.

With the firm currently operating at great speed, it is safe to say that it has been a great deal for Lori Greiner.

Are you a Fish Fixe customer? What do you think about the brand? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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