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Dale Moss Confirms Relationship, Steals Clare’s Moment?

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The same days news broke that Clare Crawley is engaged, Dale Moss made his relationship Instagram official. Is he doing it to make Clare jealous?

Dale Moss hard launches relationship

It’s been speculated that Dale is dating Galey Alix and now he has officially confirmed those speculations on his Instagram story. Galey shared her own story writing “I love how we are completely unapologetically, and consistently ourselves with each other. I’ve never laughed harder, never gone weeks without makeup, never let someone see me cry so much as when I lost Hatcher, & never realized this is what being a real team really feels like. Life with your just hits different.”

The story came along with a photo of Dale laying across Galey’s lap as the couple looks quite happy. Of course, Dale shared the same story to his Instagram and added his own caption. It seems that he is just as in love with her as she is with him.

Never felt more supported. You’ve changed my life for the better & this is only the beginning. With you every step of the way,” he says before sealing the deal with a red heart emoji.

Dale Moss | Instagram
Dale Moss | Instagram

So, it seems that Dale has just found his true love. This launch comes at rather an interesting time considering just earlier today it was revealed that his ex and former Bachelorette Clare Crawley is now engaged. Of course, Dale did post this before the news broke about Clare. However, Clare’s engagement actually happened this weekend. So, there’s a good chance that Dale already knew about the engagement.

Dale Moss | Youtube
Dale Moss | Youtube

Dale steals Clare’s thunder?

Today it was revealed that Clare Crawley is engaged to her boyfriend, Ryan Dawkins. The news comes just one month after they announced they were dating, however, a year after meeting each other. Clare seems incredibly happy that she is soon to be a married woman.

“I am over the moon!” Crawley says about the big news. “This was the last thing I expected right now, especially coming from where I was a year ago. It’s just been a serious journey, and Ryan has been by my side since the very beginning.”

She continues to rave about what a man Ryan is.

“Really what he’s in it for is my heart, and he is so consistent and so vocal about how much he loves me. It is something I have never experienced. … It’s been such a gift having him in my life.”

Of course, it doesn’t seem that Clare is going to let Dale dampen her happy mood. After all, she’s engaged!

Do you think Dale Moss did this to one-up Clare Crawley? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to come back for more Bachelor Nation updates!

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