‘Below Deck Med’ Hannah Ferrier Calls Out Andy Cohen, Why?

Hannah Ferrier [WWHL | YouTube]

Hannah Ferrier is calling out Andy Cohen. As Below Deck Med fans know, the former chief stew doesn’t hold back on her feelings about anyone. No one is safe whenever Hannah speaks her mind. Find out why she called the Bravo Executive Producer “annoying.”

Why does Andy Cohen annoy her?

The Below Deck alum made an appearance on The Hit Network. Hannah Ferrier is in the midst of promoting Australia’s version of The Real Love Boat. The former chief stew has returned to the high seas to help singles find love. However, she also shared her thoughts on the Below Deck franchise.

That’s when she called out the Bravo head honcho for not doing his job. Hannah said “It’s a little bit annoying” that he doesn’t watch Below Deck as he does with the other Bravo shows. Fans have also complained about this problem on social media. They take notice that Andy doesn’t keep up with the franchise.

Hannah & Anastasia At WWHL Clubhouse [WWHL | YouTube]
[WWHL | YouTube]
Hannah wasn’t just calling out Andy for not watching the show. She admits that he is “great” at what he does. It all started when she was asked if Andy was a fan of the show and if he has a favorite cast member.

“He definitely does [have a favorite],” Hannah Ferrier told The Hit Network. “So he’s great at his job. He’s a professional. But it used to be a little annoying because you could tell that he didn’t watch the show.”

Andy Cohen [WWHL | YouTube]
[WWHL | YouTube]
The reality star only explained that she can tell he doesn’t watch the show. Hannah never outwardly asked him about it. She also talked about her time at the WWHL Clubhouse, which she calls a “fun” experience. Hannah said the green room is where they pamper the Bravolebrities and get the drinks flowing.

“You go into hair and makeup like four hours down there and they just start plying you on with so much champagne so that you’re really loose-lipped when you actually go on,” Hannah Ferrier shared. “And it’s live.”

Hannah Ferrier dragged over The Real Love Boat?

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Hannah Ferrier was mommy-shamed for taking on her new role on The Real Love Boat. Fans slammed her for leaving her daughter Ava at home while she worked on the show. Hannah talked about the double standards when it comes to working in the industry.

She noted that her husband Josh Roberts doesn’t get questioned about going back to work. He also travels for work. Hannah didn’t want to put her career on hold because she was a new mom. She felt she had to jump onto this opportunity.

“My husband actually went to Melbourne last week and I asked him, ‘Did anyone ask you where Ava was?’ He’s like, ‘No. Why would they?'” Hannah Ferrier noted.

What are your thoughts on The Real Love Boat? What do you think of Andy not watching Below Deck? Do you think it’s true? Sound off below in the comment section.

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