Why Did Adam & Danielle Busby Put Off Taking Blayke To Doctor?

Blayke Busby - YouTube

After learning that Blayke Busby broke her arm four days prior to going to the doctor, one big question OutDaughtered fans had was simple: Why did Adam and Danielle wait so long to take her? It was clear that Blayke repeatedly told her parents she was in pain following her spill after doing some tumbles four days ago. In fact, the young TLC starlet appeared to be happy and feel vindicated in learning her arm was broken. Her mother Danielle even pointed out it felt like Blayke was happy to learn her arm was broken.

For those who took the time to watch the entire ten-minute video, both Adam and Danielle Busby do explain why they put off taking Blayke to the doctor for so long. So, what is the answer to this puzzling question? Scroll down to keep reading for the answer or to watch the video.

Blayke Busby - YouTube
Blayke Busby – YouTube

Why did Danielle and Adam Busby put off getting Blayke medical help?

It was clear from the video that Blayke Busby was in some degree of pain. Likewise, Blayke made it a point to tell both of her parents “I told you so” several times after she learned her arm was broken. Some fans admit they are a bit baffled as to why she got injured on Friday but Danielle and Adam waited until Monday to take her to get medical attention.

After the doctor’s appointment, Danielle Busby responded to her daughter’s “I told you so” moment by pointing out that she would have to just live at the doctor’s office if she took one of her children to the doctor every time someone complained that something hurt.

Blayke Busby - YouTube
Blayke Busby – YouTube

At the beginning of the video, Adam Busby also did his part to justify why they did not immediately take her to the doctor. This justification included the fact that he managed to capture the moment she got hurt on video.

Adam Busby pointed out that it looked like her arm just gave out. Adam and Danielle assumed she sprained or strained something. Blayke continued to complain about her wrist. When Adam and Danielle noticed she was able to move her wrist more and more, they thought nothing of the injury. They certainly didn’t think it was serious enough to go to the doctor.

In the comments, many fans were quick to back Adam and Danielle Busby. They notice the injury during the tumble just didn’t look that concerning in the video.

Check out the video down below:

Do you understand why Adam and Danielle Busby did not rush Blayke right to the doctor? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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  1. We have down the same road. Second son fell off his motorcycle and hurt his arm. We moved it but he didn’t complain much. We ate dinner, did dishes and finally decided to get it checked. Went to ER and even DR thought nothing was wrong. X-rays showed a break. So no need to rush unless bone sticking out!

  2. I fell and broke my foot coming out of the car after seeing Christmas lights one year cause my sister wouldn’t even wait 5 minutes to let me get my foot on the ground after it fell asleep and my parents waited till the weekend was over before I went to the doctor to so I know how Blayke feels…I complained all weekend long and finally Monday came and my mom took me in and got me seen and sure enough it was broke in 2 spots…my sister felt so bad but that’s ok she had to wait on me for 3 weeks straight…per parents orders….

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