Tony Padron Says Kody Brown’s Failure Was ‘Inevitable’

Kody Brown - Tony Padron Youtube

Tony Padron and his wife Mykelti were featured very briefly in tonight’s episode of Sister Wives. The two were sitting on a couch during a confessional. Fans assume the producer asked them to share their thoughts and opinions on Christine and Kody splitting up. Mykelti started by sharing her honest opinion on Kody and Christine splitting up. Fans appreciated her honesty, but it was the snark and shade that Tony tossed at Kody when it was his turn to talk that really had fans celebrating.

Mykelti’s husband Tony Padron tells the cameras he doesn’t understand how anyone was surprised Christine and Kody split up. Like Ysabel, Tony admits the divorce was something he just saw coming.

Tony Padron thinks Kody Brown’s plural marriage was doomed

Mykelti Padron’s husband tells the cameras that being a husband and giving his wife everything she needs isn’t an easy task or a task for the week. Tony said that there was no such thing as a perfect man and even if there was a perfect man, that perfect man would have an impossible time trying to juggle four wives. Speaking honestly, Tony admits he has no idea why Kody or anyone else thought having four wives seemed like a thing that could work.

Sister Wives - YouTube - TLC
Sister Wives – YouTube – TLC

Tony Padron proceeded to add that Kody Brown’s plural family falling apart was “inevitable.” In fact, he eluded it was really just a matter of which wife walked away first.

Sister Wives fans love Mykelti’s husband

During the episode featuring Mykelti giving birth to Avalon, fans realized how much they loved Tony. Sure, his hair was a little crazy. But, it was clear he loved his wife and he supported her in any way he could while she gave birth to their daughter Avalon.

Tony Padron - YouTube
Tony Padron – YouTube

Likewise, fans have always really enjoyed the way Tony Padron speaks to Kody. He’s never acted afraid of him or unwilling to say what was on his mind. And, this was something fans really adored. Overall, fans are so happy Christine moved to be closer to Mykelti and Tony. They knew this was the supportive community both Christine and Truely needed.

Did it surprise you to learn Tony Padron never thought Kody could handle four wives? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news and spoilers.

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  1. Kody Brown is Disgusting why any women would want to sleep with him. Kody telling Christine that he didn’t want her to date or remarry because they might get his money. The money is not just his!!! What was the reason why they had to leave Las Vegas so fast?

  2. Janelle is the smart one. She will eventually OWN a travel trailer and have a home whatever happens in the future. She is also forcing a beginning for their compound that the others have just been sitting on. They will have to install electricity and drill a water well—a very good start on their plans that will not be wasted.

  3. Kody is an egotistical maniac. They should ALL leave him. He is an IDIOT. The older kids have his number….notice how many DON’t want plural marriage themselves? I feel bad for the younger kids. They should NIX the whole Coytee pass thing and go their seperate ways.

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